9 X-Men Trivia Facts

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The X-men is a team of fictional superpowered mutant superheroes who were published by the American comic book giant Marvel.

This team is lead by Professor X, also known a Charles Xavier who is also a powerful mutant who has telepathy which means he can read and control minds. Xmen was created by Stan Lee and was designed by Jack Kirby and the mutant team first appeared in X-Men #1 in September 1963. Even since its release, the Xmen became wildly popular and is now one of the most successful and the most well-recognized franchise in the Marvel Universe. Here are some weird facts about the Xmen:

9X-men original name:

X-men didn’t always have the cool Xmen name but once the Xmen were called the “Merry Men”. But in 1963, Stan Lee was asked to change the title because they thought nobody would understand what the word mutant meant. So, X-men was introduced instead of the funky Merry Mutants. 


There is a mutant in the X-Men who has the ability to shoot gold balls out of his body. 

7Wolverine was not a member of the X-men:

In the beginning, the most famous member of the Xmen was actually a part of the X-men. Wolverine is the most famous member of the Xmen franchise but he wasn’t a part of the Xmen for almost a decade. His first appearance was in Hulk comic in late 1974. However, he didn’t join the X-Men franchise until 1975. Wolverine is no doubt one of the most popular characters in both the comic and the cinematic Marvel Universe. Wolverine is currently a lead character in four comic books alongside he had made appearances in several team comic book and have been a part of several Avengers titles. 

6Wolverine actual name:

In the beginning the infamous mutant, the wolverine was almost named “The Badger”. However, at the very last moment, Marvel decided to name him “Wolverine”. 


There is a mutant in the Xmen who has a weird ability to vomit corrosive acid onto his enemies. 

4Wolverine’s height:

It is stated in the official biography that the most famous and the most badass comic book superhero is basically a short-statured human. His height is only 5’3 ft.


It was shown in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the X-men big guy the Colossus is Gay. 

2X-men the superhero team:

In the initial stages of the Marvel Universe, it is shown that the Xmen wasn’t always the crime-fighting superhero team. But it was created as a school for the gifted children who were taught by their fellow mutant teachers. Furthermore, they decided to make the Xmen into a crime-fighting superhero team who used to fight the evil mutant and used to save mutant children and teach them to control their powers. 

1X-men members don’t always need to be mutants:

There is a misconception that there are only mutants in the X-Men but in fact, it is otherwise. There are even ex mutants on the team such as Jubilee, who isn’t a mutant but a vampire. 

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