Top 5 facts about Wonder Woman which you didn’t know about

wonder woman strongest dc character

Like marvel comics when we talk about DC comics, the first two heroes must pop ups in our mind i.e., Superman and Batman cause of their idolism and popularity toward comics fans. If there is question about Woman Empowerment then Wonder Woman is the only character in the DC comics. Popularly known by Diana prince is Wonder Woman DC comics character which recently play by Gal Gadot in 2017 movie. But there are top 5 facts about her that proves that no other superheroes are better than her

Diana Prince


Being a princess of the kingdom is very cool, but being Goddess Princess or daughter of God is most amazing. She is half-God who is gifted by Zeus to the Amazonians as a God-killer to kill the Demons. Hence, she is immortal.

We also called the Superman a God because of his God like power but he actually not. She has different origins like she was born out of clay by her mother only. Then her mother gave that moulded clay the powers of Greek’s greatest Gods.


Besides Superman, he is also physically strong enough to destroy planet, but after the exposure of Kryptonite, he becomes the puny human. Because of Gods like power Wonder Woman may exceed the powers of man of Steel. Still she doesn’t know the limits of her power because Zeus’s power has no limit.

And you know how she get those strong bracelets which protects her from blast (bullets like in the movie)???Actually in the comics, it is made up of Zeus’s copy God’s or Remnant of Zeus’s shield, so as to limit her power enough to defeat her opponent. If she removed it and used all those unlimited powers, then there is no space for human or even Gods in the universe.


First one and extraordinary gift is her Lassos of truth. It made up of Golden Girdle of Aphrodite which has functions like binding, whipping, healing, truth telling, having unlimited length, teleporting and it allow Wonder Woman to transform her wardrobe on the spot quickly.

Also her bracelet, the sword of Athena, The Tiara Crown, Invisible Plane inherent her abilities from the already presents powers. These all are formed by God’s powers.

4. She is unaffected by All types of Magic’s or any other fiction powers

Like all other superheroes, she also has some weaknesses. If not then she is actually called by God. Because of her superpower, she has ability to overcome those weaknesses.

Once, Kal beat her in durability match. In that match she get shot’s in eye. But thanks to Zeus, she has extraordinary healing powers that enhance her regenerative abilities. Although she can beat Superman’s Heat vision and also unaffected by any of the magic present in the word.


Because if Athena, she possesses the God’s powers and even has the ability of Leadership that can surpasses the Captain America’s ability. She is born Leader like said in the comics. She is the sole founder of the Justice League. She is also the commander of Amazonian’s soldiers  before leaving Island.

Comics author Gail Simone stated that

“If you need to stop any planet size asteroid, call Superman, if you need to solve any complex situation, call Batman. But if you need to end a war forever, then there is she.”

She always stands for Love and truth like in the Wonder Woman’s movie. Like superman says- “the meaning of S is hope“, Batman says- “I am Batman” which is very inspiring but worst nightmare for his enemies and Diana says-“Keep faith. Trust to love.

Wonder Woman’s creator creates her because he thoughts that one day Woman can rule the World as an idol of the female.

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