25 Characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer

all characters who can lift thor's hammer

Who can lift Thor’s hammer both in comics & movies?

This article presents characters from both comics and MCU who worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer.

Unlike MCU, characters even from DC universe had wielded Mjolnir.

With that, here is a list of 25 Characters who can lift Thor’s hammer.

Marvel Comic Book Characters:


Wonder Woman Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer

Wonder Woman is one of the characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir.

And she lifted it in the crossover in 1996’s ‘DC vs. Marvel.’

Fans even voted for this.

In a battle between Wonder Woman & Storm, both were doing their best. Likewise, Captain Marvel evenly caught up with Thor.

When Captain Marvel forced to change back to his base form, God of Thunder used Mjolnir to hinder the lightning bolt that caused the vast impact which knocked out Billy.

But this impact threw out Thor’s hammer flying out.

That was the time when Wonder Woman stumbled upon it.

She was able to pick it up quite quickly as she knew how to handle such godly things and got herself a severe jolt of powers.

Thus, she became worthy enough to wield Thor’s powers & gave Storm some severe edge.

However, this wasn’t a faired fight for Diane.

Therefore, she put it down.

However, this event proves that Wonder Woman is worthy of becoming a new Thor if time needs her.


Thor Vol. 1 #390 Thor and Captain America shared Mjolnir

Steve Rogers can wield power due to his honesty & pure heart.

He’s one of the characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir.

Captain America picked up Mjolnir not only once but on three different occasions.

Comic Captain America was able to lift Mjolnir and threw it back towards Thor in ‘The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 #390‘ back in 1988.

At that time in 1988, Steve Rogers abandons his Captain America name & calling himself Captain only.

When Thor and Captain met at Avengers mansion, they attacked by Grog and his death demon.

During the battle, Thor lost his hammer.

But Captain lifted it and sent it back towards Thor.

After that, it’s was only a matter of time when Thor defeated his enemies, sending them back through the gate.

According to Thor, a worthy person who has a pure heart and a noble mind could have done that.

It was the first time in the history of Marvel.

And the second time was in the ‘Fear Itself‘ in which Serpent had shuttered Steve’s unbreakable shield.

When Thor was fighting with his uncle, he lost his grip on his hammer, Mjolnir, and then it crashed on Earth.

Then Captain lifted it and proved his worthiness once again.

And the third time in the Secret Empire #10.

In the concluding battle between Hydra Cap and his opponent, Hydra Captain went for Mjolnir, which laid on the ground.

It turns out that he was able to lift it because of Hydra’s mother, Elise, who shard the cosmic cube and manipulated reality to change the inscription on the hammer, thus allowing Captain to lift it.


Hulk Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer

Thor’s hammer can destroy anything in its ways by smashing through in its way.

And there is one superhero who loves smashing while fighting, the Hulk.

No matter who you are.

If you are not worthy, then you might not want to think about lifting Mjolnir.

In the Avengers MCU movie, we saw how Hulk unable to lift such a small Mjolnir.

However, in the comic ‘Journey Into Mystery #112‘ by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Chic Stone, Thor asked his father Odin to remove Mjolnir’s enchantment for several minutes.

It was to find out who was more potent.

And Hulk was the one who lifted Mjolnir.

Another time Hulk lifted Thor’s hammer in the ‘Avengers Assemble #4’ when Thanos took control of Hulk’s mind.

After that, Hulk was able to lift, deflect Mjolnir and whack Thor in the face.


Superman Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer

Faster than speeding bullet & light.

He is a beacon hope. He is a human god. He is a man of steel.

Perhaps the most famous superhero of all time has to be one and one the Superman.

Clark Kent is a powerful being and worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

DC and Marvel planned to crossover back in 1979, but unfortunately, it got canceled.

However, in 2003, the ‘JLA/Avengers’ crossover was finally published, and it was not disappointing.

In this series, Superman got his hand on the Steve Rogers’ shield and Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

He used it to defeat his enemy, Krona, and he later returns the Mjolnir to Thor.

But how and why could he be worthy to lift Thor’s hammer???

Fans later found out the magic doesn’t depend on the worthiness only.

Thor told Odin to remove the enchantment for a few moments. However, later Superman, when returned it, he was no longer able to lift it again.

So it seems that magic could only work on the worthiness being. And without it, anyone can lift it that easily.


Loki Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer

Thor’s half-brother Loki, the God of mischief, always thirsted for the authority of Asgards and powers.

And eventually, he accomplished his feet to hold the powers of Thor.

He tried everything to get a hammer.

However, in the comic book ‘Avengers & X-Men,’ Loki lifted thor’s hammer and fought with Thor.

It was because of the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom’s Inversion spell.

In this reality, Loki became the hero, whereas the Avengers and Thor become the villain.

Hence he became worthy enough to lift the Mjolnir. But when the Inversion spell wears off, Loki lost his powers and worthiness to lift Thor’s hammer.


Deadpool playing with fake mjolnir

Whether you believe it or not, Deadpool once had a chance to lift Thor’s hammer. But how he gets a hand on this righteous thing?

Loki manipulated Wade into stealing the hammer while Thor’s went on his heroic mission.

Thor lost his hammer, and then Deadpool got a chance to grab it.

This madman went to the carnival and played games and used it like a baseball bat.

But the question is that how in the first place he lifted Thor’s hammer?

Then the answer is here.

It turns out Loki created fake Mjolnir, and the real one was still there where Thor left it.


Storm and Thor both lifted mjolnir

One of the famous X-Men mutants, Storm, can control the weather.

Similar to Thor’s powers?

The Storm lifted thor’s hammer.

One of the crossover events between Storm and New Mutants ended up on Asgard.

It was a small issue in which Loki planned his devious mind once again.

Storm and Thor both possessed weather-controlling powers.

Therefore, to defeat Thor, Loki created a new hammer called Storm Caster and gave it to her, which leads to becoming Thor’s version of herself.

However, this hammer was not enchanted.

Instead of keeping gods powers, she chose to pick up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and destroy Storm Caster.

But in reality, Thor was supporting it while Storm handling the Mjolnir.


Eric Masterson, aka Thunderstrike, earlier worked as an architect who became a friend with Thor.

When Mongoose attacked Thor, Eric tied to help Odinson, but doing so; he was severely wounded.

Thor demanded his father Odin to merge their life forces, which leads two men in one body.

After Loki trick his death, Odin banished him and gave all of his powers to Eric Masterson and eventually gave him his weapon, a mace called Thunderstrike.

As Thunderstrike, Eric possesses a physical form nearly the same as that of Thor.

After merging with Thor, he was called one of the characters who lifted thor’s hammer.

However, after Eric departs from Thor’s body, he often uses his mace.

During battles with Bloodaxe (who was Eric’s girlfriend), he sacrificed his own life and killed her.

It even led him to his death like a true hero in the process, and on his gravestone, Thor inscribed, “The World Still Needs Heroes.”


Jane Foster aka Female Thor

Thanks to MCU, Jane Foster came into the big screen as Thor’s girlfriend. 

And surprisingly, in the MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder, she is going to lift Thor’s hammer.

But did you know, in the comics, she once gained the godly ability and lifted the Mjolnir???

Yes! It’s correct.

After picking up Mjolnir, she becomes female Thor.

During the battle against Nick Fury, Thor lost the ability to wield his hammer and dropped it on the Moon.

Since then, the hammer remained on the Moon until Jane Foster came and picked it up.

It granted her Thor’s powers, which improve her physical appearance as well.

However, Thor didn’t like the idea of Jane becoming female Thor due to her breast cancer.

But soon, Thor accepted that the hammer had a new owner, and gave her blessing.

As a female Thor, Jane was healthy, but after returning to her natural form, her cancer worsened her life.

But at the end of the day, Jane has turned out to be the most worthy of all who lifted Thor’s hammer.


Mad Thinker created Awesome Android based on the work leader Mr. Fantastic.

It has powers to absorb it’s opponent’s abilities and talents.

This only skill enables Awesome Android to become as powerful as its opponents.

In She-Hulk Vol 2 #14, the Mad Thinker sent Awesome Android to attack Thor.

During a fight with God of Thunder, Awesome Andy copied Thor’s noble heart and purity of purpose.

Thus, it sparked an independent intelligence within Awesome Andy that enables it to lift Thor’s Mjolnir.

Although it did not lift it, Awesome Andy was able to achieve worthiness that helps Thor to apprehend Mad Thinker


In Thor #337, Beta Ray Bill fought Thor and defeated twice.

When Thor separated from Mjolnir and reverted to his human form (Donald Blake), Bill knocked him out.

Later, Bill picked up Blake’s walking stick and hit it against the wall.

That stick transforms into Mjolnir, and Bill found himself wielding the powers of Thor.

As Bill defeated Thor in battle, Bill rightfully claimed the Mjolnir.

However, All-father Odin gave Bill another enchanted hammer named as Stormbreaker.

But how Beta Ray Bill lifted Thor’s hammer? Is he one of the characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer?

To have a legitimate battle between Thor and Bill, Odin decided to have battled in Skartheim, lava-filled realm.

Due to Bill’s Korbinite physiology which advantageous in Skartheim, he defeated Thor once again.

By doing this, Odin tested Bill’s worthiness and gave him a new hammer, Stormbreaker.


In Marvel’s What-If series, Rogues was one of the Characters Who Can Lift Thor’s.

Rogue, along with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, strike the Avengers.

When she killed and absorbed Thor’s powers, it granted her the ability to control Mjolnir.

However, Loki planned to use this opportunity to take Odin to rule the Throne.

However, Thor’s spirit convinced her to honor the new powers of Thunder.

Even its non-canon storyline, Rogue lifted Thor’s hammer and proved herself a worthy opponent.


Yes. Magneto did lift Thor’s hammer but in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe.

In Ultimatum #5, Magneto used magnetism powers to lift Mjolnir.

It’s possible that Magneto lift Thor’s hammer in the Ultimate Universe can, but not in Earth-616 Marvel universe.

Because Uru metal does not belong to the Earth to control it easily.

In this story, Magneto lost Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. It drove him to madness.

It raised his electromagnetic powers even more to manipulates metal.

However, he did not list the hammer but controls the air around it.


Red Hulk is not worthy.

He just latched into a flying hammer that was going back Thor’s handle.

He used Mjolnir’s speed and his strength against Thor into space.


There was a human named Puddlegulp who transforms into a frog.

It was a racial stereotype that did the thing. And later frog community in Central Park accepted him around them.

When Loki transforms his half brother Thor into Frog, Puddlegulp met him.

Thor helped him to defeat the invasion of rats and help him to obtain his version of Mjolnir.

It transformed him into the Throg, Frog of Thunder.

Thus, he proved himself as a worth character Characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer.


In the Marve’s What If…? series, a sword-wielding character came into contact with Thor.

His name was Conan the Barbarian.

Both heroes are having almost the same story.

Both are great warriors who lived in the same godly place, like to battle, have the same muscular builds, etc.

Due to Loki’s mischief plan, Thor ended up on Conan’s land Hyboria with amnesia.

When Thor died with his intense battle against villain Toth-Amon, Odinson handed Mjolnir to his friend, Canon.

And then Canon becomes a new god who can lift Thor’s hammer.


Another What If…? storyline grant Natasha Romanoff to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

During the catastrophic events of Ragnarok, Natasha sent out to acquire Thor’s hammer.

It merely another universe that Black Widow was able to lift Thor’s hammer.

However, she was a real superhero for a moment when it lifted.

Natasha may have a dark side, but she is a warrior at the end of the day. 

Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer In MCU?


It’s because of Odin’s enchantment that enables all the mention characters who can lift Thor’s hammer.

He’s a cosmic level entity who possessed incredibly deity powers.

Odin commanded to forge the hammer, Mjolnir, from the Dwarves of Nidavellir.

“As a weapon to destroy or as a tool to build.”

As a naturally born worthy King, Odin possessed the ability to order Mjolnir.

In the movie, he did add worthiness enchantment to Mjolnir to have Thor earn his rightful place as the next Asgard king.


Vision lifts Mjolnir in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, MCU shows of Vision lifting Thor’ Mjolnir.

During the party scene where all the Avengers gathered around trying to lift the hammer, Captain America almost moved the hammer, but it failed.

Later it was revealed that Steve did it on purpose not to hurt Thor’s ego.

However, Vision was born with a pure heart without having an evil purpose.

Thus, he passed the worthiness exam


The firstborn child of Allfather Odin, Hela, did stop outrageous Mjonlr and destroyed it in the process.

Though she was evil, fans speculating Hela was the first MCU character who can lift Thor’s hammer.

Was she is the original wielder of Mjolnir?

When Hela, with his father Odin, conquered the Nine Realms, Mjolnir was heavily used as a doom.

However, she lost her way and avoided Thor becoming more like her sister; He placed an enchantment to Mjolnir.

It’s possible that Mjolnir recognized its previous holder.

Nevertheless, the fact that she is a villain, Hela is a lot stronger than his father when he was at this prime.


Thor: The Dark World gave an insight into how a coat hook can hold Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

When Thor’s visited Jane Foster’s London flat, Odinson hanged his hammer to the coat hook.

It meant to be a joke only.

Still, fans speculating theories about it whether enhancement only works on living things or not.

So does it mean that physical strength doesn’t matter while lifting Thor hammer?

Mjolnir only weighs 42.3 lbs, and a coat hook is just an inanimate object.


In Avengers: Endgame, Teenager Groot lifted Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker, which can summon the Bifrost.

Stormbreaker wasn’t enchanted when created.

But it is foolish that anyone can lift it.

Groot possessed high physical strength. And it seems anyone who possessed mighty physical power can lift Thor’s hammer.


Like Groot, Thanos quickly lifted Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker.

Thanos is a celestial being and possessed killer physical strength. Even Captain Marvel finds it challenging to deal.

Anyway, Thanos did not lift Thor’s new hammer. But He DID lift his woody ax.

Because Stormbreaker doesn’t hold any mystic enchantment as of now.


Finally, it is proven that MCU’s Captain America worthy enough to lift Thor. Hammer or the powers of Mjolnir.

It’s the enchanted hammer that Odin created for only those who possess worthiness.

Not only he wielded Thor’s hammer, but he also probably possessed powers of Thor temporary.

It was one of the best MCU moments that fans wanted to see most.

In Avengers: Endgame, Mjolnir allowed Steve Rogers to channel electricity bolts that struck on Thanos severely.

Although Captain America never fits the physical strength as that of Asgardians’ physics, Steve as a Thor possessed nearly the same powers as Thor.

So these are the 25 characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer.

Do you know more?

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