When DC’s Aquaman trailer will release

Aquaman trailer poster
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Warner Bros. planning on releasing Aquaman trailer during their panel at this year’s Wonder Con. The event will be held during March 23 to March 25 which is exactly a month away.

According to Revenge of the Fans, the official website of Wonder Con still doesn’t announce the actual date for the big show in Anaheim, but they confirm the one thing by saying:

“I can’t say on which day/time the big reveal will happen, but I’m told that the plan is to debut the trailer to the audience in attendance for the DC panel.”

Also, they added,

“Once that happens, we can likely expect that trailer- or some version of it- to hit the net in an effort to strike while the iron is hot as positive buzz continues to grow for Aquaman leading up to its arrival in December.”

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry as Aquaman
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Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa’s performance is highly impressive in the Justice League after Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Hence DC fans are wondering whether or not Aquaman would fulfill their excitement same as Wonder Woman.

But the above news is a word from the source, the official announcement is about to confirm by Warner Bros and fans are waited so long to see director James Wan’s standalone Aquaman.

According to Screen Rant, Aquaman’s first official trailer will be released on March 25 because WB had a past of releasing trailer during March period.

They did release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer on March 25. After that WB revealed the first trailer of Justice League on the same day in 2017.

This is not enough, they did same with Wonder Woman also. During their panel at Wonder Con, they unveiled very first footage of Wonder Woman as well as releasing Justice League’s official trailer.

Arthur Curry as Aquaman 2018
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Hence by combining all the above eventualities, Aquaman’s first teaser trailer will be officially released at the end of March.

Arthur Curry aka Aquaman first debuts in the DC’s Extended Cinematic Universe from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After he joins the Justice League team to stop the terror of Steppenwolf.

A true heir of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, Arthur Curry aka The Aquaman is the king of the seven seas. Because of chaos between the surface world and underwater world lead the Aquaman to get to settle down the matter. Hence Atlanteans want revolts it. Thus Aquaman must protect his own world from the outside world and prove himself a true hero.

Aquaman is set to hit theaters on December 21, 2018

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