Venom’s Top 10 Secret Superpowers which you need to know about

Venom alien symbiote superpowers
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Venom is one of the scariest supervillains in Marvel Universe and one of the infamous arch-enemy of Spider-Man. Venom is a sentient alien from Symbiote race. It requires a human host body to bond with for its survival. After bonding with its user, the symbiote enhances user’s strength to an extreme level. When Symbiote bonds with Spider-Man, it considered itself a Venom for him.

Venom made his first live action appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 in which we witnessed Peter Parker’s affected life when Venom host his body. Besides Peter, Venom’s another hosted body is Eddie Brock, a frustrated reporter who had a grudge against Spider-Man.

Both possessed hatred towards Spider-Man sought to destroy his life completely. After hosting Eddie’s body, Venom possessed same abilities and knowledge as that of Spidey’s or even better than him. But despite this Venom owned addition powers that he wants to keep it secret.

Here are Venom’s Top 10 Secret Superpowers which you need to know about.


Venom and spider-man fighting
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Originally belongs to Spider-Man, Venom can use his webbing technique for his own use. In the Marvel Comics, Webslinger has been seen to use different kinds of a web. Original Spidey able to shoot organic web and now in a modern era, Peter used a mechanical device to create synthetic webbing. But during a fight when he could run out of it, he finds himself in a trouble.

But venom inherited the ability of Spider-Man when he was wearing the symbiote suit. If Spidey doesn’t naturally make the webbing then how on earth Venom is able to make it. This is not an exactly his secret, but it is pretty much obvious that Venom uses its own body to make webbing. He can shoot strands of alien substances in the form of webbing at high pressure up to a distance of 70 feet.

But using its own substance can make Host a vulnerable and weakened and results in defeat. Actually, this happens in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #300’ and ever since he has been trying to cover up its ability.


Eddie Brock and venom merging
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The Symbiote requires a living host in order to survive. It always changes body depending on its environment and host. A perfect example is when Peter Parker took off the symbiote, it merged with Eddie Brock. Then Eddie’s version of Venom retains some of the spider powers from Spider-man.

Venom has the ability to retain host’ biological and intellectual uniqueness. It is Venom’s special ability that it wants to keeps on tight. Theoretically, it can merge with every type of superhero and supervillain in the Marvel Universe and could adapt their powers without any problems.


Venom's five offspring
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Every Marvel and DC character gets their powers and abilities from a certain incident like Spider-Man gets his powers after radioactive Spider bits him, Steve Rogers took super soldier serum, etc. But in the Venom’s case, things are different. Symbiotes born with its granted super abilities. They are genderless and can reproduce other symbiotes asexually.

So it could be Venom’s hidden trump card over his opponent. It can develop his own army through self-replication. Symbiotes are the reason behinds major symbiotic entities which present in the Marvel Universe like carnage is a replication of Venom. At one time when the Life Foundation captured Eddie Brock, they separated him from the Symbiote and force Venom to give birth to five children which leads them to find their new host and thus it creates the army of deadly symbiotes.


Ghost rider use penance starring on Venom
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When you got superpowers, you must able to survive and heal any kind of injuries and wounds. There are many superheroes who can heal immediately after they cut being out like Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, etc. Also, there are superhuman beings like Captain America and Black Panther who immune to all types of diseases.

But in this case, we are talking about magic things and supernatural abilities like Sorcerer supreme. There are very few characters in the Marvel universe who have excellent immunity against supernatural powers and Venom is one of them.

Ghost Rider’s well know the supernatural ability is Penance Star that incapacitates his victim and is only perform by the Ghost Rider. But when used on Venom, he proves to be immune due to the symbiote. Therefore it could be a great advantage for Venom in terms of protecting against any kinds of magic.


Venom: Carnage Unleashed #4 both symbiote fighting in the internet
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Venom has a wide variety of superpowers, which we can’t even imagine. Thanks to its race, he can survive any kinds of environmental situation. As one of the Alien from outside, he could have some sort of knowledge of space and interstellar dimension.

One of his secret abilities comes from the early stay in the Marvel Universe when the internet started to rise. So comic book creator must have thought it would be an interesting story if they connect Marvel universe with the internet things and Venom’s storyline is one of them.

Back in 1995’ ‘Venom: Carnage Unleashed #4‘, when Carnage becoming a major threat to all those people who connected to the internet and decided to attack them through uploading himself into the internet, Venom/Eddie thinks it must be stopped. Sometimes Venom can be seen as more than an anti-hero. He uses the ability to send his symbiote through the internet as he observed Carnage doing previously. Then Venom-Carnage battles start digitally.

However, this is one of Venom’s secret ability that he uses on a specific event if the internet is a part of his storyline.

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