10 Venom Powers Only True Fans Know

All Venom Powers

What are Venom‘s powers and abilities?

Are they similar to Spider-Man’s powers?

The answer is NO.

After bonding with the human host, Symbiote enhances the user’s strength to an extreme level.

Hence to know even better, we created an article of venom powers and abilities.

With that, here are 10 Powers of Venom.


Venom and spider-man fighting

Originally belongs to Spider-Man, Venom can use his webbing technique for his own use.

In the Marvel Comics, Webslinger has been seen to use different kinds of a web.

Original Spiderman was able to shoot organic web and now in a modern era, Peter using a mechanical device to create synthetic but strong webbing.

But during a fight when he could run out of it, he finds himself in a trouble.

However, Venom inherited the ability of Spider-Man when he was wearing the symbiote suit.

If Peter Parker doesn’t naturally make the webbing then how on earth Venom is able to make it.

This is not an exactly his secret, but it is pretty much obvious that Venom uses its own body to make webbing. He can shoot strands of alien substances in the form of webbing at high pressure up to a distance of 70 feet.

But using its own substance can make Host a vulnerable and weakened and results in brutal defeat.

Actually, this was happened in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #300’ and ever since he has been trying to cover up its weakness.


Eddie Brock and venom merging

The Symbiote requires a living host in order to survive.

It always changes body depending on its environment and host. A perfect example is when Peter Parker took off the symbiote, it merged with Eddie Brock. Then Eddie’s version of Venom retains some of the spider powers from Peter Parker.

Venom has the ability to retain host’ biological and intellectual uniqueness.

It is Venom’s special ability that it wants to keeps on tight.

Theoretically, it can merge with any type of superhero and supervillain in the Marvel Universe and could adapt their Venom powers without any problems.


Venom's five offspring

Every Marvel and DC character gets their powers & abilities from a certain incident like Spider-Man got his powers after radioactive Spider bites him, Steve Rogers took super soldier serum, etc.

But in the Venom’s case, things were different. Symbiotes born with its granted super abilities. They are genderless and can reproduce other symbiotes asexually.

So it could be Venom’s hidden trump card over his opponent.

It can develop his own army of Venom through self-replication. Symbiotes are the reason behinds major symbiotic entities which present in the Marvel Universe like carnage is a replication of Venom.

At one time when Life Foundation captured Eddie Brock, they separated him from the Symbiote and force Venom to give birth to five more children which leads them to find their new host and thus it creates the army of deadly symbiotes army.


Ghost rider use penance starring on Venom

When you got superpowers, you must able to survive and heal any kind of injuries and wounds.

There are many superheroes who can heal immediately after they severely cut out like Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool, etc.

Also, there are superhuman beings like Captain America and Black Panther who immune to all types of known-unknown diseases.

But in this case, we are talking about magical things and supernatural abilities like Sorcerer supreme.

There are very few characters in the Marvel universe who have excellent immunity system against supernatural powers and Venom is one of them.

Ghost Rider’s well know the supernatural ability is Penance Stare that incapacitates his victim and is only perform by the him.

But when used it on Venom, he proves to be immune due to the symbiote. Therefore it could be a great advantage for Venom in terms of protecting against any kinds of magic.


Venom: Carnage Unleashed #4 both symbiote fighting in the internet

Venom has a wide variety of superpowers, which we can’t even imagine.

Thanks to its race, he can survive any kinds of environmental situation. As one of the Alien from outside world, he could have some sort of knowledge of space and interstellar dimension.

One of his secret abilities comes from the earlier stay in the Marvel Universe when the internet started to rise.

So comic book creator must have thought it would be an interesting story if they connect Marvel universe with the modern things and Venom’s storyline is one of them.

Back in 1995’ ‘Venom: Carnage Unleashed #4‘, when Carnage becoming a major threat to all those people who connected to the internet.

Hence, Carnage decided to attack them through uploading itself into the internet. However, Venom as Eddie Brock thinks it must be stopped.

Sometimes Venom can be seen as more than a villain as better anti-hero which is actually true if you had seen Sony’s Venom second trailer.

He uses one of its secret ability to send its symbiote through the internet as he observed Carnage doing previously. Then Venom vs Carnage battles start digitally.

But in the venom vs carnage’s fight, who would win?

However, this is one of Venom’s secret ability that he uses on a specific event if the internet is a part of his mission.


Venom shifted in bigger size for fighting with Spider-Man

Symbiote allows user perform shape-shifting abilities. Thus Venom can do it.

Not only this, he can mimic clothing and completely changes its appearance and size.

Besides changing its outer look, he can even turn into a scarier version of himself. (He is already scary enough with Eddie Brock)

He can rearrange his symbiote substance to change clothing or any accessories he needs.

That’s a valuable power got in Venom or rather in Symbiote’ race.

Peter Parker always need to carry his spidey costume and all of his several other weapons wherever he wants. Most important thing is that he has to be on the private location so he can change in and out of his costume.

Venom’s host on the other hand, can walk down the street without carrying any of the stuff.

Thanks to its ability, Venom can shape-shift in order to create various constructs and weapons out of his body.

So this is the type of ability that Spider-Man wishes he had.

Venom Symbiote Hosts
  • Peter Parker
  • Eddie Brock
  • Angelo Fortunato
  • MacDonald “Mac” Gargan
  • Flash Thompson
  • Otto Octavius
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Lee Price
  • Thaddeus Ross
  • Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel)
  • Wade Wilson


Venom's invisible ability

Although this ability almost similar to that of Venom’s shape-shifting abilities, but Camouflage allows him to go invisible by blending in with his surroundings.

This was Symbiotes’ one of secret ability out of several but CBR has brought them to light.

This power is most beneficial during a situation when Venom continuously being trapped by Spider-Man’s senses.

Venom can trick superheroes with a sneak attack from any direction.

Also during a day fight, he can turn invisible by going on-off mode at will which helps him to escape much easier.

The element of surprise is one of the few tactics that can immediately turn result tables for one person over the other.

So this proves that Venom always has the upper hand and advantage of surprises on his side because of his Camouflaging.


Venom smiling in Spider-Man animated series

Venom has unique features that separate him from most of the villains in the Marvel comics.

Thanks to Eddie, Venom chose to look different by sprouting an insane smirk, tongue and scary teeth which contrasts him from Spider-Man.

Later it was revealed that his deadly looking set of fangs not for only Daunt but can also deliver a powerful and poisonous bite.

This is one of the unknown facts about his teeth that 80% of the Marvel fans simply didn’y know.

They are not only his big teeth, they are his super poisonous teeth that Venom wants to keep it secret.

His fangs carry a deadly toxin.

His glands are constantly replenishing his supply of poison for when he needs to bite someone or something. And if this is not enough, his teeth can even tear off some of the strongest materials on earth.

Hence this proves that Venom’s name not just taken from a spider venom but also its venomous ability too.


venom trap Spider-Man in webs
© Marvel comics. All rights reserved.

This is one of the most useful ability if you want to recall and use old host’ powers and ability.

It becomes significant when Venom’s host has the superhuman ability.

Huge thanks to Spider-Man, Venom can retain and use Peter Parker’s full potential even when he changes his host’ body. He developed similar powers to that of Spider-Man’s and was even immune to his Spider-Sense.

The symbiote has ability to retain the genetic memory of any superhuman host simply by touching.

We know that Spider-Man was Venom’s most famous host ever.

Venom had passed all of his previous ability onto his next Host body. Thus Eddie knows the secret identity of Spidey when the symbiote bonded with him.

But can you imagine, if Venom could use all of previous hosts’ memory and ability at once, then it could be a dangerous threat to superhero soiety than the Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet?


Venom fights with Spider-Man in the river
© 2017 Marvel comics. All rights reserved.

Venom’s last secret power but not least (who knows he may have more), breathing underwater which could blows our minds.

Venom first discovered his superpower when Spider-Man decided he could trick Venom by simply jumping into the water.

However, Peter did not consider two very essential elements of Symbiote.

First, it can adapt any dangerous situation to survive and this includes surviving in any types harmful areas for long periods of time.

Second, for its need to survival, Symbiote wants to keep its host alive at any cost.

Venom jumps into the water right after Spider-Man did, but Symbiote filtered breathable air to Eddie.

That was the first time Venom discovered he had the ability to breathe underwater.

At the end of the day, this is not a complete list of Venom powers.

Besides all of his mentioned superpowers, Venom has a regenerative healing factor, offspring detection, stretching and deforming even with bonded with the human body, etc.

So what do you think about Venom’s powers?

Do comments and share your views in the comment section below.

Source: WIKI & CBR


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