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Marvel Ultron Facts

Ultron! YES we have seen it in the Avengers 2. But there are some darks past that movie has not cover. Hence I have have posted it below

Well known super villain Ultron aka Ho Yinsen or Great devil. He has been built by Henry Pym using his own brain pattern. Not like in the movie version. Ultron later turned on its creator to begin a single handed campaign against all organic life. He also brain wash Pym to forget all about him.

When his plan successful he controls the Vision mind and force him to rebuild his body at the avenger’s mansion. Because of this he defeats all the Avengers heroes and escaped. After that like in the movie he plot to destroy the city with a nuclear bomb.

SHIELD learn a way through Vision’s mind to destroy Ultron. Later he captured DR. MacLain to modify him in order to turn his body into Ultimate Ultron.

His powers are beyond any typical android robot. He has a cyborg body. He has a rocket booster to fly. He also has energy absorption ability. He has memory capacity if 3.2 TB and has radio isotope thermoelectric nuclear generator to power supply him.

Although he is genius robot but he has weakness. An internal molecular re-arranger that his internal arrangements are malleable. Because if this he has to rebuilt his body several times.

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