Daredevil Season 3 poster

Daredevil Season 3 Revealed Its New Poster

It's sad enough to hear the news of the cancellation of Iron Fist, but fans are anticipating Netflix's next superhero series, Daredevil Season 3. Recently...
Ralph Dibny Flash Season 5

The Flash Season 5 Confirms Ralph Dibny’s Origin

When Hartley Sawyer cast as Ralph Dibny as Elongated Man, fans noticed that the character's name listed as one of the seventeen people who...
The Flash Nora Allen Barry Daughter

Fresh Look At Nora & Barry Allen In The New Season 5 Poster

New poster of the season 5 of the Flash gave a new refreshing look at time traveler Nora Allen. She came from the future...
The Flash New costume

The Flash Season 5: All Flash Suits Introduced So Far

The Flash Season 5 will bring Barry and his daughter Nora Allen together in their new speedster suits. Previously season 4 shows off Barry Allen’s...