Different Trick Arrows Green Arrow Has

all green arrow trick arrows

The CW’s Arrow makes its appearance through TV series which instantly gets popular because of his stunning character. Because of time constrained, the show had a limit of all things such as technology that green arrow had used in the actual comics. In the dc comics, he uses gadgets is none other than his arrows that have the variety of functions which he used to limit the crime in Star City.

Not much, but few types of the arrow had been shown in the series. But in this article, full details are mentioned about a different type of arrow were used by him in the comics. In the comics, Oliver Queen creates many types of arrows for every possible situation like Batman’s utility belt.


This incendiary arrow named after the weapons used by ancient Greeks that would possible burn anything even the water. This arrow’s tip made by filling the nitrous liquid which quickly burns by throwing its stream of fire onto the target.

Because of Oliver’s precision target hitting, he can do lots of damage using this fire arrows.

This should be there in the future’s Green Arrow’s episode as without fire not a single action sequence would complete. This is one of the best-known Trick Arrows that Oliver had in his bow.


After Greek fire arrow, the next prominent arrow is Glue arrow. As the name suggests, it is used to stop the target. This arrow is designed to look like an explosive bomb, but after impact, it explodes its unstable polymers which dry in a few seconds which helps to immobilise the target. Many times Oliver used this type of arrows for trapping of a bunch of criminals to help the police.


Batman mostly uses the handcuff to stop the normal bad guys. The Same function applies for this arrow. In arrow’s tip, the handcuffs pair is attached. After firing this arrow, the handcuffs automatically releases when arrow touch the target. It only works well when the target is close.


When it time to fall from a tall tower, not every time Superman will be there to help. So every possible situation Oliver had made different types of arrows. One of the important ones is Parachute arrow. We have seen this arrow in ‘Injustice: God Among Us’ video game.

The parachute’s cord is attached to the arrow shaft. The user only has to fire the arrow up in the sky by holding the cord. After firing within a fraction of seconds it can unfold and expands. So, it will be very useful when Oliver tossed off from the building.


As the name gives the hint, in the comics not only Batman had used kryptonite to stop the Man of Steel. But created by Bruce Wayne, this arrow does not make to kill the Superman (If he wants, he can create one), but to stop him. The arrows tipped is synthesised with Kryptonite. Without Kryptonite, this would be the simple arrow. It’s only useful when the opponent is Kryptonian.

6. Nth Metal Arrow

Hawkgirl’s hammer is made out from the same Nth metal which came from the planet Thanager. Besides Hawkman and Hawkgirl, over the years various heroes had used the Nth metal. It gives powers to the user whoever wields it. Once Oliver made an arrow using Nth metal which mainly used for destabilizing the supernatural forces and dark magic.

7. Smokescreen Arrow

As the name suggests, when fire this type of arrow, it explode which can produce a tremendous amount of clouds of smoke within a few seconds so that even a close person cannot see each other until it gets clear. So it is very helpful when you are doing a vigilante work. Oliver often used this arrow to get disappear out of the place without being caught by the cops.


When Oliver was stranded on the desert island, he started to create this trick arrow for the survival purpose. He used the net arrow for catching of fish and drill arrows for a building of shelter. But in the updated version of drill arrow, this arrow’s tip made out of metal which can penetrate tough surfaces or even a hard wall.

9. Freezing Arrow

In the comics, there is a trend where characters mostly used fires and ices for the damages. Inspired from captain cold’s freezing gun, Oliver made an arrow that by hitting the target immediate can turn anything into the ice. They are very useful to minimise the fires, incendiary super-villains and to freeze the bad guys. This is also used to breaks anything which gets weakened by intense cold.


Ever heard of a gadgets or weapon which can give an Amnesia effects. In MEN IN BLACK series, there is small device name as Neuralyzer which can use to erase the current memory of the scenarios. This is very important in terms of hiding the secret identity. It basically works after hitting the target which produces the gas that would erase the memory of the target for a short period of time.

There are also other various types of tricks arrows like Quantum arrow, Fountain Pen Arrow, Aqua arrows, Falcon arrows, Yoke arrows, Jousting Arrow, Vine Arrow, and shoot an arrow.
By using all these arrows as weapons or gadgets makes Oliver a perfect ROBIN HOOD aka The GREEN ARROW.

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