5 Marvel’s Weirdest Characters You Never Know

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Marvel Comics has given us most iconic and powerful superheroes and supervillains along with their immense storyline. Also, Marvel’s creates some of the weird and bizarre characters which are unnecessary in this universe. Despite this, they still gain praises from the reader by becoming part of the comic book character. These characters have gone through the various situation a lot to become one of the main characters in the Marvel comics. so in this article, I am going to discuss

Top 5 weird characters that exist in the Marvel universe


Howard the Duck is well-known Marvel character because of his appearance though 1986’ Marvel movie having the same name. This character is much funnier and interesting. He is from highly advanced duck planet. Once he threw out from the his dimension to our earth.

Howard the Duck first appearance on comic series by delivering more political and social satire since his arrival on earth. He is more than a human despite being just a normal duck. In his homeland, he pursues many qualifications in law enforcement, drive cabs, also works as a private investigator. He also possesses some of the magic tricks from the doctor strange. Strange fact about his that he has been appearing like Stan Lee in all the Marvel movies for like 40 years since his creation in comics. Recently he made a small debut in the post credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. He is so popular that during 1976’s presidential election he received lots of surprising write-in votes from the comic book fan. By the way, he made a small appearance in the comics of civil war like that in future he might be there in the upcoming Infinity Wars.


Probably many of the Marvel fans already watch the trailer of Marvel’s Inhuman. In that trailer, there is a big monster like a dog that teleports his owner to anywhere. Yes, you are right!!! He is a Lockjaw who is a member of a royal family of the Inhumans. His sole duty is to teleport himself along with nearby beings over a large distance. Lockjaw has given this name because he possesses super-canine powers in his jaw.

Despite only serving his owner, he is also a captain of his superhero team. That seems weird but it’s true. Once during the hunt for Infinity stones, Mr. Fantastic visit Inhumans. Lockjaw is the one who finds the mind stone and gives it to the Reed Richard.

He is also the part of the pet Avengers including Throg, Lockhead, Shadowcat, Falcon’s hawk, hairball, redwing, Zabu from the savage land, Aunt May’s puppy and Ms. Lion. They bravely fought with Thanos and gets all the infinity stone by throwing him out long in the alternate universe. There is already MCU movies planning to gather all the infinity stone, hence due to this reason, the Inhumans movie has been pushing back by its writers.


If there is Roocket Raccoon, then 100% Groot will be there. This is one of the most famous pairs roaming around the universe. We can’t imagine rocket without his partner Groot who becomes tremendously popular because of its appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. He is the most lovable and interesting character in the Marvel comics.

If I talk about his fascinating background, he is a flora Colossi from the homeland Planet X. He is like an actual tree, they learn new things by photosynthesis process, but is hard to understand them because of their limited vocalization abilities. Except for Rocket, he understands each and everything Groot has to say through his ‘I am Groot’ funny talking.

Groot met his buddy when he captured and imprisoned. After many days, Groot makes friendship with his cellmate who is an expert in the weapons. Groot and Rockets have been seen together by doing adventure a lot of times in the comic book.


Like Groot, Rocket Raccoon is also on this list because of his weird character as a superhero. He gets popular along with Groot after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy MCU movies. In above section, we have mentioned about him having an expert in this weaponry technology. But despite these, he also a master in military tactician. He is anthropomorphic raccoon who is also loyal to his friends.

He also has an interesting and unknown backstory. A very long time ago, the unknown alien humanoid race has invaded the Keystone planet from the Quadrant Star system. Their duty is to build a large structure in which they kept faulty robots, weapons and mentally insane aliens. And all of these has been taking care by the robot caretakers who alter the planet’s animals DNA genetically into the intelligent being. These animals have provided the various weapons and toys to disarm this Humanoid aliens. Of course, Rocket Raccoon is one of them.


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The planter eater god-Galactus is the most iconic and famous Marvel character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966. In Fantastic Four: the rise of Silver Surfer, he actually made a debut. Originally he meant to be the enemy who only wants to demolish the entire world for his hunger. He is a threat for all of the superheroes once when he plans to attack the earth.

His origin is very interesting. Before the Big Bang explosion, he is just a Galan who was space explorer from the planet Taa. During the Big Bang explosion, his planets collapse itself. So that he hides into the cosmic egg- a revelation of all Sentiency of his world. After billions of years, Galan transforms into the cosmic entity known as a Galactus. And finally becomes the enemy who finds the planet so that he can eliminate his hunger.

So what do you think??? Who are the others that are strange and weirdo character in the Marvel Universe? Share your views in the comment section.

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