Top 6 Marvel Characters were killed by The Winter Soldier

winter soldier who kills marvel characters

In the Captain America: Civil War, we saw the dark side of Bucky who killed Tony’s parents. But besides this, in the Marvel comics, he is know as a murder because he has been successfully manage to kill prominent characters from the comics

The very old friends of Steve Rogers none other than Bucky Barnes who used to be the sidekick of him. His first debut in the Captain America Comics #1 fought many wars alongside the Avengers team. In Avengers #4 comics, he dies due to the explosion of airplane. Then until this issue, Bucky was replaced by Golden Girl.

In 2005, Bucky was brought back to life who was brainwashed to the international assassins. He was trained to be the living weapon. He was solely working to find out insidious plans of rich and powerful people and killed them.

Likewise, working in the dark shadow, he completely forgets about his past life, living only for his boss’s work and doing all the dirty works. He has a long list of people that he had been killed during his long journey until he met Steve Rogers.

Here are, Top 6 Marvel Characters who were killed by the Winter Soldier…


We all know how in MCU Red Skull was disappear because of Cosmic Cube. In the comic’s storyline, the story is different. In comics, General Aleksander Lukin’s sole plan to killed Red Skull to get the Cosmic Cube which is one of the infinity stone. The General appointed The Winter Soldier to kill the Red Skull. Repeatedly Lukin threatens Red Skull. Before dying, he finally uses that Cosmic Cube.

Captain America couldn’t believe the news of Red Skull’s death until he see him. Although DNA confirm the Red Skull’s body, Steve enables to agree with them. After that, he found out that before dying he used the Cosmic Cube to switch his body with Lukin. At that time, Cube wasn’t fully charge, so only his mind transferred. Repeatedly fighting with Lukin’s soul for taking the whole body control. So this is how Red Skull indirectly killed by Winter Soldier.


The 35th president of Unites star of Marvel universe’s version was assassinated to kill off by the winter soldier. In the last issue of Captain America vol.5, Bucky finally killed President John. F Kennedy. Consistently Soviets sends their ghosts to eliminate the president and tries to destabilise global politics.


We all know how Soviets found dead Bucky in the water and how they resurrected him. They also gave him the strong metallic arm, trained him to the level of the dangerous living weapon. They repeatedly set him to kill their enemies.

Once, Bucky was tasked to infiltrate American army station in Germany. He disguises as a typical soldier and leads them to the Berlin. During their way, he kills many soldiers who found out about Bucky’s mission. This mission actually turns the Bucky into deadly Winter Soldier and he never turns back since then.


Not much aware about him, he is one of the lamest villains of the Marvel Universe. The actual name is Wilbur Day, make a new battle suit with automated telescopic legs that uses to do dirty things like stealing banks.

He actually fought with many superhero’s like Daredevil and manage to the stick around in the villain’s list for a long time. In civil war issue, he was killed by the Punisher. But in another issue, he was assassinated by the winter soldier. But he resurrected in again in 2017, doing all those robbing things. I am sure MCU would think to make him appears on a Big Silver Screen.


One of the deadly and painful things happens when things go wrong with the Logan. Wolverine had many women during his journey. Specifically, his wife-Itsu who met him after World War II. They also got married and she gets pregnant. For the celebration of this, villagers kept local fist fighting and make Logan a worthy man. But Wolverine instinctually stabbed all villagers’ arms by his claws. Feeling dishonour, he left for home to see his wife. After other things were waiting for him.

Logan found Itsu dead on a bed in the river of blood. After that, he captured by police and after many years later, he found out his wife killed by the winter soldier for getting the attention of Wolverine. After killing Itsu, Daken the unborn child was forcefully taken from her warm and because of healing powers, Daken manages to survive. After many years later he becomes the darkest villain and captured the Logan in the dark avengers.

6. Howard stark and Maria Stark

We always had that question, why Howard Stark not appears on MCU Iron Man’s movie. But Tony’s parents were killed by the winter soldier crucially. In the Captain America: civil war movie, the actual fight between Tony and Steve stared after Tony finds out about his parent’s killer and how Steve knew all those things.

Who else were on the list who had been killed by the winter soldier?

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