Top 10 Famous Superhero’s Legendary Sidekicks all Time

Batman & Robin superhero sidekicks

Superhero’s Sidekick who always around with his mentor to save the day. Because sometimes they can’t just make it on their own. Every superhero whether you are a Batman or Superman everyone needs a helping hand. Without them, some of our superheroes would not have lasted long enough.

There are lots of things that wouldn’t get done without them and they deserve some recognition. Both in the Marvel Comics and DC comics, many of the sidekicks have found new life as heroes of their own or fallen on some pretty hard times. Today we are going to list down top 10 Iconic and Historic Superhero’s sidekicks which you probably forget about them


Barry Allen and Wally West running

In CW’s TV series The Flash shows us live action superheroes and in that one of the successful comic book superhero sidekick is Wally West. In the comics, Wally aka Kid Flash eventually took the mantle of The Flash aka Barry Allen and becomes his version of The Flash. Wally has held this position for a quiet time.

But before taking up the mantle of Flash, Wally West was the sidekick of the original Flash, his uncle Barry Allen. At the age of 10 When Wally travels to Central City to meet his aunt Iris West, he was struck by a bolt lightning and doused in chemicals which granted him the super speed powers. After Wally’s accident, he became the Flash’s sidekick known as Kid Flash.

After the event Crisis on Infinite Earth, Kid Flash has realized that all of the time he had spent with Barry had led him to this moment and then he decided to take the mantle of the speedster.


Jason Todd has served well for his mentor Batman and he was also Bruce Wayne’s favorite sidekick. But after his death, Batman has collapsed, but when he found out about Red Hood is none other than Jason who took the persona, he convinces him to join the team again. But he refuses it and becomes the Red Hood for justice.

In Batman #366, Jason Todd has made he appears as Second Robin after the Dick Grayson. After the Crisis on Infinite Earth, Jason Todd character was change who goes too violent and has a hot headed taste. This makes the character less unpopular. Hence writer Dennis O’Neil gave fans a chance to call in and vote for Jason’s fate. In which they choose him to die. Hence story written in a different way in which Jason is kidnapped by the Joker, beaten and left to die. This was the Batman’s greatest failure. But soon Jason Todd came back from the dead as Red Hood.


Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

In the Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers’s very best friend and sidekick of him, Bucky Barnes share the same powers as Captain America. During World War II, Bucky was believed to be dead but revived by the Soviets who brainwashed him for the next 50 years as Winter Soldier. But when he met Steve Rogers he decided to join him as his partner. He was trained under the Steve and become an expert in the hand to hand combat, excellent with firearms and occasional knife throwing. So in conclusion, in the Marvel Comics, he’s a very good and trusty sidekick for his mentor.


Roy Harper aka the Speedy is known as one of the greatest sidekicks of all time in comics. Roy is a nearly same as Green Arrow who began his crime fighting career from the Adventure Comics #218. He acted as Speedy for over 15 years of publication history. after that eventually become the founder member of the Teen Titans and love interest with Donna Troy.

In past Green Arrow’s public debut, Harper developed as a hero worship. Once Oliver Queen visited the reservation in order to judge the best archery in the contest were Roy also participated. With his skill archery, Roy has impressed his Hero. After the match when Roy quickly fire an arrow to stop a robber, Oliver noted that Harper had been Speedier than he and offer him as his ward. In private Green Arrow trained Harper to be his sidekick in crime-fighting. With his sufficient skill of using trick arrows and standard arrows, he gifted his own costume and super-iconic identity of Speedy. As Speedy, several times he assisted his mentor during many of his cases, but also he gave Oliver the ability to be a father. This relationship to rely on each other which created one of the greatest superhero-sidekick relationship ever seen in the comics. Even though, they rival Batman and Robin.


Diana Prince and Donna Troy

One of the female sidekick to Wonder Woman who was also the active member of the Teen Titans, a team of a young sidekick who fought crime together. In the comics Teen Titans #22, child Donna was saved from as an accident by Wonder Woman and with no surviving family, later on, she adapted by Queen Diana’s mother Hippolyta and granted her Amazonian powers.

Donna Troy origins are a bit confusing who started as Wonder Woman’s doppelganger and later become the Sidekick to Diana. Donna grew up as a pivotal member of the Teen Titans originals. Special about her is that Wonder Girl is an extremely powerful superhero much like Wonder Woman. Her battle skills, Sword fighting skills make her a worthy Wonder Woman’s sidekick.


In the non-canon graphic novel Batman: Son of the Demon, Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia as Ghul. When he was introduced, like Jason Todd, readers saw him as annoying for his arrogant behavior. But when his relationship with his father fleshed out, he becomes more personable.

Having trained under the Ra’s al Ghul, he becomes much like his father, Batman. Despite their Father-Son differences, Damian wants to impress his father and serve his father by helping him against some of the powerful enemies. If we neglect his reckless behavior, he has earned his stripes as Robin and deserve the mantle of Robin as he holds now.


Kryto the superdog and Superman

When Clark Kent sent to the Earth during the events of Krypton’s explosion, some of the animals also were sent. Krypto is one of them who possess the same powers of Superman. He stood his sidekick for many years. He also serves Superman as his friend by taking up a secret identity as Skip, the Kent family’s farm dog.

Despite being an animal, Krypto has earned his place on this list as one of the greatest DC sidekicks. Possessing nearly same powers, both of them able to go toe-to-toe with extremely strongest enemies. Although he was a test subject which was sent during the Krypton’s explosion by Jor-El, he serves as one of the few lasting connection to Krypton and his family.


Batman and Batgirl standing in tower

Daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon made her first debut in Detective Comics #359’s The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl back in 1967. As Batgirl, Barbara has been describing as one of the iconic characters. She is one of Batman’s smartest sidekick and in the various occasion, the Caped Crusader Often turns to Barbara for technical support. Just like her father, she showed her extraordinary drive to fight crime.


Harley Quinn and The Joker

What if Super villains also have sidekick??? Yes! In the DC comics, one of the greatest villain The Joker’s Sidekick Harley Quinn uses her skills and motivation to help him despite being insane and feared villain. Unlike other superhero’s sidekick, Harley has a feeling for Joker and shows a romantic relationship with the Joker. Most of the times, she was acted like helping hand for The Joker’s evil plot. She may be nearly as crazy as Joker but despite this, she also has other qualities.

Many times, she was betrayed by The Joker, but because of her love towards him, Harley always saw besides Joker again and again. Her royalty with him what makes her one of the greatest sidekicks.


Bruce Wayne as Batman and Dick Grayson

Over the period of Batman’s 76 years fighting crime, there have been different Robins. The very first Robin, Dick Grayson is one of the iconic sidekicks to Batman in the history of the comic book. He is Bruce’s most talented student and partner. Throughout the career of Batman’s vigilante fights, Dick has served well for his mentor as a sidekick by fighting crimes. He is not the only expert in the martial artist but also has strong will like Batman.

Dick Grayson is one of the sidekicks who gains his superhero identity as Nightwing after becoming an adult. Later on, he becomes the leader of the Teen Titans and taking up the mantle of Batman in his absence.

Which is your favorite Sidekick amongst all of the above? If there is any other Sidekick who is not on the list, Let us know in the comment section
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