6 Facts About Black Flash From DC Comics

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The fastest man alive on DC comics is none other than our beloved The Flash. There is no one in the multiverse who can match the speed of Flash. But there is only one thing about flash that he cannot escape death itself. In CW Flash season, after becoming Black Flash, Zoom captured and kill those who travel across the time and bring back them into the speed force.

In the DC comics, when any speedster’s life comes to an end, it brings back into the speed force and become the part of it. That what we have seen in the finale episode of Flash: Finish line. Anyone who was touched by Black Flash, they are dead. Black Flash is not actually a God of Death. He is just the form of time wrath whose duty to punish those who travel across time illegally. So the below information contains top 6 things about our Scarlet Speedster which you didn’t know about.


We are all aware of it that the Max Mercury was the only one who escapes the Black Flash in the DC Comics. But in the comics, the Flash aka Wally West was the first who face Black Flash. But after that, this scarlet speedster was discovered with the help of Max Mercury and Jesse Quick. But this time, Black Flash was there to kill Wally’s fiancé Linda Park which proves how the dangerous he can be.


After killing and taking her to the speed force, Black Flash returns for the Wally. This was the time where a real battle begins between them. Both are agreed to do the race between them to find out who’s the fastest man alive in the universe.

Finally, the race begins and in a fraction of seconds both travels across the time for millions of years. In this race, Wally proves himself the Fastest Man alive on the earth. But by doing so, they reach at the end of the time where death has no meaning. So Black Flash disappear and Wally returns in the speed force and saves Linda Park.


Like I said in the CW’s Flash season, Zoom becomes Black Flash after captured by Time Wrath and he became deadly speedster. It acts like a force of nature before acting as a villain, so that our heroes know little about it. Hence they assumed that its only work is to bring all the speedster back into the speed force.

There are lots of theory in the comics which proves its origin. One of the famous theory was-Black flash was the part of the speed force who bring backs its energy back from the speedsters. Until writer reveals its true identity, its origin will be the mystery.


When Wally West forced to race with him, Wally nearly kills himself after running across the time. This time, Black Flash proves himself a dangerous super villain. But it always not there for killing purpose. Sometimes it was there just for the observation.

Unlike Wally West, when it encountered with Bart Allen, it De-powered him and force to face off against the Rogues. After that Black Flash made an appearance for dismay him. This time Rogues were the one who killed the Bart Allen, not the Black Flash. It was only there to collect Bart Allen’s remains body.


If there is a speedster, it comes to the important power-Super Speed. But Black Flash not only possess only super speed. He has tremendously other unknown powers. He can actually freeze the time when it encounters with the Wally second time. This means that all the human being, dead or alive things actually stop their movements. This helps it to become the fasted man alive on the planet. But this rule does not apply to the speedster. They can move in that time lap also like Hitman stop the time for about 5 seconds in the Dragon Ball Super.

He is immoral and hence can enter and leave the speed force at will. Like in the Flash’s episode, when Barry goes to the speed force for saving the Wally, it was the Black Flash who stops the Barry. Every monster and villains of the dc comics have at least one weakness. But when it comes to the scarlet speedster, its weakness is still unknown.


Am I saying Barry Allen was the Black Flash??? Yes, but not actually Black Flash. Barry Allen possesses some of the powers of the black flash. During Flash: Rebirth series comics, Barry Allen comes into the contact with the Black Flash. This turns Barry with the powers and abilities of Black Flash and killed those who enter the speed force. To undo this negative energy, Barry again enters into the speed force and pulls the essence of Black Flash from his body and becomes normal.

Second time in the Darkseid War, Barry Allen merged with the Black Flash to possess some deadly power and become a hybrid version of a new form of Black Flash never seen before. After using these powers, he separated from the Black Flash and becomes normal.—

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