Top 50 Facts about Marvel’s Defenders which you need to know

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Marvel’s superhero series, Netflix’s The Defenders much more like MCU’s The Avengers. But much more different than the comic book. In the comics, The Defenders came together to defend Earth from the supernatural evil beings. Doctor Strange was the founding member of the original team and remains a constant player.The Netflix’s series would not cover all the necessary thing which is based on the comic storyline. Hence Hero’s Facts has collected all the informative and interesting facts about it.

The Netflix’s series would not cover all the necessary thing which is based on the comic storyline. Hence we are going to discuss all the informative and interesting facts about it.

Here are Top 50 Facts about Marvel’s Defenders

1. The Defenders are the super group of Marvel’s superheroes much like the Avengers and the X-Men. The team in the comics battles mystical and supernatural forces many times.

2. The original team members of the Defenders includes Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor. They made their first debut in the Marvel Feature #1 in 1971.

Doctor Strange Namor Hulk Silver Surfer Defenders
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

3. Initially the all founding members gathered together to fight with the alien techno-wizard Yandroth and after that, they remain as a team.

4. Despite constant members Hulk and Doctor Strange, after 1972, the Defenders comic line was switched up with new characters. New members included Luke Cage, Valkyrie, Nighthawk, and Gargoyle.

5. Valkyrie was introduced as a new member in the issue no. #4 in 1973. According to Steve Englehart, she will add some texture to the supergroup.

Valkyrie The Defender
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

6. In the Netflix’s The Defenders, Jessica Jones is the prominent member of the team. But in the comics, she was not the member of the team at all.

Jessica Jones The Defenders
Image Credit: Netflix

7. Howard the Duck, Captain America and even Guardians of the Galaxy were all been a part of the Defenders at one point.

Howard The Duck Doctor Strange The defenders
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

8. In issue #125, the original series retitled to The New Defenders. This new storyline had changed in a much different way. In response to an alien prophecy that states the main members of the team would be the responsible for the destruction of the world.

Hence original Members (Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Hulk, and Namor) are forced to leave the team.

9. This New Defenders series boosts the sales, but later after some issues, it was canceled to make room in Marvel’s production for the New Universe line.

The New Defenders
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

10. In 1993, Marvel had modified the concept to Secret Defenders. This new team was formed and led by Doctor Strange in which he assembled different superheroes for different missions.

11. This New Secret Defender appears in the Doctor Strange #50 and after that officially introduced in the Secret Defenders #1.

In the comics, various heroes were in the team including Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Darkhawk, Hulk and Ghost Rider.

The Secret Defenders
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

12. The live action superheroes series Marvel’s The Defenders was already aired on Netflix on 18 August 2017. Based on the comic book, the team adapted Street-level and grounded superheroes.

The founding members of the newly form team are Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Netflix's The Defenders Matt Jessica Luke and Danny
Image Credit: Netflix

13. Danny Rand aka the Immortal Iron Fist is the only member of the group to have mystical powers like Rand can harness his mystical chi powers to expand his physical and superhuman abilities.

While the other three gain their powers by some accidents and experimentations.

14. In the Netflix’ series, these Defenders fights off against Alexandra Reid who apparently not exists in the Marvel Universe and created as a villain specifically for the show.

Netflix's The defenders Alexandra Reid
Image Credit: Netflix

15. Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez had released their Defenders #1 in June featuring the same line up as on the show.

The Defenders comics issue #1
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

16. Different between Netflix’s Defenders and Marvel Comics is that in the comics Doctor Strange, Blade and Deadpool will appear as guest characters.

17. You probably know this fact that Netflix’s Defenders is a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe but on a low level than the Avengers.

18. According to Executive Producer of the show, Jeph Loeb who said,

“The Avengers are here to save the universe and the Defenders are here to save the neighborhood.”

This could be the right decision because someone has to stay on earth to protect their own city.

19. The neighborhood city is no other than New York City itself. However individual show’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones handle the situation in Hell’s Kitchen & Luck Cage and Iron Fist may be dealing with Manhattan.

20. During the very first teaser of the Defenders shows the group is in Elevator and the time on a security camera says 8 hours and 18 min which is a reference to the release date of August 18th.

Netflix's defenders in elevator
Image Credit: Netflix

21. The show features subtle color coding to their superheroes costume. Jessica’s purple color costume, Cage’s yellow as per the traditional comic book costume color. Daredevil’s red outfit and Iron Fist’s green much more like from the comic book.

22. During Luke Cage’s imprisonment, he voluntarily did experimentation on the Super-Soldier process. However, the treatment was accelerated inducing body-wide enhancement that gave him unbreakable skin and superhuman incredible strength and stamina. This is much related to the Captain America’s super soldier serum process.

Luke Cage experiment super soldier
Image Credit: Netflix

23. Luke Cage was the first black comics’ character at either Marvel or DC to get his own comic-book series in 1972.

24. In order to save both comic book character series Iron Fist and Luck Cage to gain popularity, Marvel decided to combine the Cage’s series with Iron Fist.

Their first comic book series named was Power Man and Iron Fist #50.

Power Man and Iron Fist #50
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

25. Jessica Jones and Luck Cage gets closed in the comics. Soon after Jessica finds out she’s pregnant and later they get married. Their newborn daughter name was Danielle.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Wedding
Image Credit: Marvel Comics


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