5 Newly introduce superheroes in the DC comics

jon kent new dc comics characters

The rule of evolution applies everywhere including in the comic books. Over the decades, there are some characters who were dead for around a 10-20 years bringing back into the life by its creators. 1980’-90’s comic fans don’t like the changes in the characters. But this is not same for everyone.

Sometimes changes can be good. This today’s generation is growing up with this new characters that comics have creates nowadays and these new characters deserve a lot more attention from this generation. Like DC: Rebirth, The New 52, DC Comics tried to add new stories to their superheroes for a few years to bring something fancy in the multiverse.

Most of the heroes aren’t very popular right now, but sure after some times when their fantasy story increases, their realm will also increase. That’s why in this article, I am going to list down top 5 new superheroes in DC comics that which you didn’t know about.


Jon Kent as Superboy

In the DC comics, different characters have been seen to adapt this name as Jon Kent. But this current version of Jon Kent is still the best one ever and hence our Superboy too. He is a biological son of Clark Kent and Loise Lane and also the best son to his parents. He got he investigate skill from his mother and the superhuman powers from his father.

Although he is not as powerful as Superman, it serves the family very well. He is a kind of best representation of his generation kids to what be like if he gets superpowers at the small age.

He gets his powers at the young age from the sun and he is himself known as the ray of the sunshine. He is very kind and innocent that’s why his powers consistently fluctuate because of his emotions. He is only 10 years old hence enable to focus his powers. That’s why he is inexperience about his abilities and being new to others super-heroic members.


You probably guess what I am trying to say. Is it related to Killer Frost character??? Definitely yes. In DC: Rebirth, the killer frost has dropped her first part of the name and living her new life as Frost. I am sure one question bothering you about that she is a villain right now. But due to change her character, Batman has recruited her in the Justice League of America in DC Rebirth. This newly form character has a major impact on the CW The Flash TV show.

Frost is a superwoman having icy powers. Like the Caitlin Snow, she also manages to control her powers and try to forget all the past action. Although right now she is on the right side of the law, still she has some dark edge that she keeps managing. But this new character is sarcastic but smart.

This new version of Frost proves that it doesn’t need to be a villain to prove yourself like Caitlin Snow doesn’t want to accept her power cause of her past actions. Hence it won’t be surprised she again goes back to her villainous avatar. In whatever version, Killer Frost can always entertain us.


Wally West II??? Who is this new character? The DC comics creator bring this new character with some rough and odd introduction. He is a wonderfull addition to the dc comics. the Wally West I and Wally West II are both relatives having same name and powers. WW II is a cousin of WW I, who is running by the name Kid Flash. The old version of return of Kid Flash who was quasi-criminal who hatred being the flash and hence fans get unhappy to see him. But this new Wally West II is a full of Joyful and mostly likable in his Kid Flash form.


DC also change this Superman character??? Yes! DC comics has newly create this superhero with interesting storyline. This is not a return of First Clark Kent but rather a bring out character from the Pre-Flashpoint timeline. Creator also adds some new interesting thing in this new Superman. This all started in China. His real name is Kenan Kong. In past, he was cruel and selfish bully boy. As he grows up once he encountered with supervillain Blue Condor. After this event, he decided to achieve some superhuman strength that will help him to defeat Blue Condor. So he went though some experimental procedure which gave him the same superpowers as the Clark Kent aka the Man of Steel.
In past, Karen was selfish and cruel, but when he first met real Superman, he tries to change himself becomes kind-hearted like the man of steel. Over a decade, the old Superman gets bored for the comic books reader, but this new form character brings excitation among the fans. although he is still jerky and arrogant, now he lovable superhero.


Originally in New 52, Lois Lane gets superpowers after the death of Superman. Started to live as a Superwoman. In the first issue of Superwoman: Rebirth, Lois Lane die and her powers transfer to Clark Kents very old friend Lana Lang. this switch powers concept is not very interesting and likable, hence writers move off his character from the comics.

In New 52, Lana Lang is a better person as a superhero and seems interesting character than the New 52 Lois, in the solo series of Superwoman, she is better in her character rather than just swapping her abilities.

So what do you think about this newly introduce superheroes??? Who’s your favorite character???
Share your views in the comment section.

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