Top 5 Marvel Legends Action Figures under $20

Star Lord toy Top 5 Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel legends is an originally British comic book series. Especially it is a part of Marvel UK’s ‘collector Edition’ line. And inspired from this they brought for marvel fans their Marvel Legends which is an action figures lines which solely based on the Marvel Comics. They have initially produced by Toy Biz and then our favorite Hasbro. This action figure is available in various types like in 6-inch, 8-inch & 12-inch.

Becomes popular in a matter of time. Initially began as a spin-off of the Spider-Man classic line. To gain popularity for less recognizable characters, Marvel legends line has used the ‘Chase’ concept to introduce them. Hence Hero’ Facts has listed down the top Marvel Legends which is comic action figures


Star Lord toy

This one action figure has similar look from the Guardians of the Galaxy who which shows leadership to his team. It is a very high-quality toy made in the USA which movie has inspired design. In this figure, Star-Lord holding 2 blaster guns which look awesome.

This action figure available on Amazon with the combinations of Alternate Star-Lord helmet head. On Amazon, it has 4.7 ratings out of 5 and also a cheap one. One of the customers wrote his experience about the product,

“I’m a big fan of figure’s who have spots for their accessories to go. The only thing the last version has on this release is accessories. Glad we get a 2nd head, and 2 guns, but the last figure came with a Walkman, headphones, 2 guns, 2 heads, a backpack and the orb. That’s a lot, and this figure seems bare bones in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good figure, better even in terms of sculpting and paint work.”

So don’t wait anymore and grab the chance and book it instantly.

Old price: $19.99
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Vision Marvel Legends Action Figure

The metal humanoid android robot called Ultron who was created by the great scientist as well as Superhero, Dr. Hank Pym who was one of the smartest people on earth. and Ultron creates Vision who is also the humanoid robot like him but a good superhero. Inspired from this, the Hasbro created the one of the Marvel Legend action figure, Vision. This one has the iconic look with classic design. This action toy has 3.75 inches in size. According to one of Amazon customer, it has 11 points articulation,

“Compared to the baseline (5-points of articulation) figures of Vision, this one is a really great rendition. It’ features the big collar and bright colors he’s known for in his more vintage appearances in Marvel comics. This model has 11-points of articulation which provides for a variety of cool superhero poses:
Vision’s neck and hips are ball joints (the rest are hinged).”

So don’t miss the chance and grab it as soon as possible while it is in available in cheap price.

Price: $9.38
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captain Marvel action toy

Captain Marvel, one of Marvel female superhero having pilot skills. Captain Marvel fights boldly on the side of justice. Marvel fans, mostly kids can position this fantastic toy in their super action style as they want. This figure features classic design and styling, this one is brought by Hasbro and this product sells by the Amazon. Hence it is very feasible to book it anytime.

According to one customer more who writes,

“It was great getting the 4″ figure. Especially since the 4″ figures seem to get a bigger variety. Have the 6″ version and the size lost no articulation. The Nice facial sculpt.”

It is available now and has very low value as compared to others.

Old Price: $12.99
New Price: $7.38 (You Save $5.61)
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Doctor Strange toy figure

This one is inspired from Marvel Cinematic Universe. This product comes with the 1 build figure piece of Dormammu. This one has 4.6 rating out of 5. Most of the time, it is unavailable on the Amazon, but nowadays, it is available for the Marvel Fans. every customer more who buy the product satisfied about it. Also, some of them gave feedback by writing,

“It’s a very cool Doctor Strange in his astral state and a body part, the head, of Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension. If you purchase all the Doctor Strange 6 in. Legends figures you can put Dormammu together with the different parts that each of the figures come with”

So this is the best time to book it before the Avengers: Infinity War because kids must have him to fight against Thonas.

Old Price: $19.99
New Price: $8.81 (You Save $11.18, 56%)
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Marvel comics based superhero Eel

Edward Lavell, also known by Eel, who took over the super-powered costume and identity of the Eel from the original Eel. In the comics, he is very skilled in the field of electronics. The action figure looks very amazing having electrical power. It is very cheap and available under 10$.

So book it before it is stock out.

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