5 Marvel characters who died because of Spider-man

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In DC universe if you are a friend with Barry Allen, then it’s time to run away from him. Because the reason we all know about how he keeps messing with time. The same thing happen with Marvel’s Spider-man. Not the thing about time travel but those people were close to Peter Parker are dead now.

Peter Parker always seems to be in trouble. After getting super-powers, the conditions remain same. Also, the same thing occurs when there is time to save people.

The following people were closed to Peter Parker got killed because of Spider-man’s mistake. But if they around with some other superheroes, they might still alive.


One of the most famous death in the Marvel universe-Ben Parker-Peter’s uncle. There is one rule that the one cannot kill the others in the Marvel and DC comics. But Ben Parker was an exception for that. That’s the emotional Spider-man’s origin that boosts his responsibilities towards his powers.

Every time in the Marvel comics, he learns his mistakes at the end. After getting super-powers, he didn’t help the cops to capture a thief, but the same thief killed his uncle Ben. In every Spider-man’s origin, Ben Parker had a very supportive role. But because of this incidence gave shape to Peter’s life and we get today’s version of Spidey.


In Amazing Spider-man issue #122, he nearly kills Norman Osborn. He didn’t want to kill anyone as much as him. Because he was the Green Goblin who murdered Peter’s love-Gwen Stacey. He had an amnesia but got his memories back of being a Green Goblin.

When Peter found out about his condition, he again goes against Norman and caught him. This time also Green Goblin wasn’t kidding. He beat the Goblin severely nearly kill him but decided to handover him to the cops.

Like in the movies, Spider-man unaware of the situation of Goblins having planning to kill Spider-man using his glider. But because of Spider-man’s senses, he dodges the glider and ultimately kills Norman Osborn.


Son of Norman Osborn-Harry Osborn growing up with a quite hard life. Even before his father’s death, he started to get the drug to relieve stresses to feel like an easy life. But after finding out his father’s secret identity as a Green Goblin after Norman’s death, he takes the mantle of Goblin and seeks to avenge his father’s death by killing Spider-Man.

Over the past years, he goes by the different names as law-abiding, murderous, etc. Once he plotted a bomb where his father’s prominent men demeaned his father. But he after realizing that his own young son and Mary Jane would catch in the explosion. So he saved them both. After rescued the paralyze Peter also. At that point, his own powers increase tremendously which kills him slowly. That last exertion killed him off. But lastly, he ends up with satisfying that he and Peter were friends once again.


In an alternate universe, Peter Parker and Mary Jane having a baby named as May Parker. Peter kept his dark past and powers from his daughter May so that she would not develop her powers. But when she was 15, she finds out her powers anyway. But in the alternate universe, Norman Osborn gave Mary a drug which kills unborn child aka May Parker. In silver age comics, Green Goblin poisoned Peter’s baby.


After Ben Parker’s memorable death, next landmark death was Gwen Stacey. Gwen is Peter’s first love who murdered in front of him by Goblin. When Goblin finds outs Spider-man’s identity, he kidnapped her. Goblin made a deal in which Peter has to surrender him in exchange for her life. But when Spider-man try to rescue her, at last, Green Goblin throws her off from the tall George Washington Bridge. Like in the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie, Peter trying to catch her with a strand of webbing, but because of a time limit, she hit her head hard on the surface and die instantly.

So these are the top most prominent characters who die indirectly because of Spider-man. Who are the other???

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