5 Marvel Characters Who Can Defeat THANOS

characters who could defeat thanos

Recently there was a completion of phase 3 of the MCU movies and yet more villains going to appear on the big screen. At the last post credit scene of Avengers Part 1, the movie teases the appearance of Thanos. Seems to be the greatest villain of 2018 even the nightmare if wears the infinity gauntlet. Since Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1, he remains in the shadow working secretly to gather all the infinity stones to destroy the half of the universe. By doing so, he will prove his pure love towards Mistress Death. So this was the comics’ story. In 2018, he will enter with full powers in the MCU with all other new villains.

In this article, we are going to describe some of the comics’ character who literally defeat Thanos in the comics. He seems” to be the most powerful entity. But without infinity gauntlet, he is normal titan being.


One of the super-villain and a God or ruler of the Dark forces and the dark dimensions. We have seen him in the Doctor Strange MCU movie. In the comics, Dormammu was the horrible enemy of the Doctor Strange. Like in the movie, Doctor Strange fail to kill him as Dormammu cannot be killed. Hence he successfully returns the Dormammu in his place. But in the comics, Sorcerer Supreme trapped him in his dimension and destroy all the path leading him to reach to the earth.

Like as I said, he is a God in his own dimension. He has a power from the pure mystical energy to the teleportation travel to the creation of artificial life. So if he thinks about killing Thanos, there no ways Thanos could stop him.


One of the underrated female superhero of the Marvel universe. She was only remembered when there is a topic of who had defeated the Thanos. We have little knowledge about Squirrel Girl who had to defeat him in the old Marvel comic’s issue. Also, she has defeated Doctor Doom and Wolverine. But recently in the comics, her popularity tremendously increase so that Marvel thinking about her television show.

In the Squirrel Girl issue #4, when Galactus was about to enter the Earth to destroy it, she convinced him not to and finally save the whole planet. If I talk about her abilities, as the name suggests, she can communicate with squirrels and be using this rodent army Thanos has no chance to win this battle when he was without gauntlet.


The living tribunal is the 2nd God of the Marvel universe who seems to be the most powerful character after the after first God-the one above all who is none other than Stan Lee. He possesses the vast energy of cosmic entity. His only duty to protect the multiverse from the mystical imbalance forces. He lives far beyond the Multiverse where no law or rule applies to him. He is only one; there is no other counterpart of him exist in the Marvel Universe. But he can exist simultaneously in all the universes in the form of humans’ belief.

Even if Thanos wield thousands of Infinity stone, still he would be the ant for the living tribunal. In the Infinity Gauntlet comics’ series, Adam Warlock asked for his help to defeat Thanos. But he refuses because Thanos work would bring the balance in the universe. Even if he thought, he can kill or even vaporise the Thanos in a fraction of the second. I have some hope that in the conclusion of Infinity Wars of MCU he would appear.


Mistress Death is a Thanos first and lasts love. Thanos wants to destroy half of the universe so that he can prove his love towards her. She is actual Goddess of death and had been popular in the Marvel comics due to her romantic relationship with Thanos and Deadpool. She can resurrect the deceased being to normal form as she did with the Thanos in the Thanos Quest comic run.

Thanos would never challenge Mistress Death because of his love towards her. But even if he thinks, he won’t stand a chance in front of her. She immense the massive information of all of the universes. Hence this proves her intelligent. Although, she is all powerful, but had been defeated once by The Beyonder.


Am I saying Spider-man??? Yes, you read right. This is one of the Thanos’s most humiliating defeat in the Marvel universe. In the battle, he used his Thanos-copter. He used his power with the help of cosmic cube. But at the end, Hellcat and Spider-man manage to stop the Thanos and defeat him. After that, he was arrested by the normal non-power cops which are also most humiliating things ever. But this current version of Thanos using Infinity Gauntlet, Spider-man won’t stand a chance against him.

I am sure there are others also like Galactus, Adam Warlock, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Zombie Hulk, and Thor who literally fought with Thanos and defeat him in the Marvel comics.

What do you think, who else the other who capable of killing him in the battle???

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