Top 5 Superpowers Doctor Strange Has

doctor strange powers and abilities

When you can manipulate time, bring back from dead, do the astral project, possess the eye of agamotto, then you are the strongest being in the universe. That’s why Doctor Strange’s powers are one of the very strong and deadly on the Marvel Universe. And its appearance in an MCU brings so excitation among the fans.

If you don’t know the limit of Doctor Strange’s powers then this article is helpful for you. In short, he can travel anywhere in the world with the speed of thoughts and also killed the Hulk with a snap of his finger.

So here, are top 5 superpowers of which Dr. Strange possessed.


Martial Artist

This is not any type of superpowers we are talking about. But if you do not know, doctor strange is a kung fu master and have amazing karate skills. This will be beneficial if the time comes when his magic will not help against dark forces. He was trained in the ancient way of hand-to-hand combat. For proof, in doctor strange #140, he actually defeated Dormammu in a battle of martial arts.


Time Manipulation

If DC comics has a Flash who can time travel and manipulates speed force, then Marvel Comics has Doctor Strange who can travel time and even manipulates it. All the physicals laws are meaningless when there is Doctor Strange making him fattest superhero ever.
He can even alter time, freeze it and slow it because of its Chrono- kinetics powers.


Fearless Strange

Being fearless is not like that having special powers, but when it comes to Doctor Strange, he can turn it into something magical. In the Doctor Strange #4, he literally battles with Mistress Death (Thanos’ Love) and successfully overcomes his fear (that’s why he was not fear of death in the movie when Dormammu killed him off severely). Hence, he can no longer age and can only die by means of any physical violence. Also, he is immune to all type of diseases has ever known.



You probably heard this word as Transmutation circle in the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime. A similar concept applies here. Using transmutation powers, he can turn anything into anything like turning a balloon into animals. Once he destroyed Hitler’s evil handgun by transmuting it into fireflies. But in the comics, it has been inferred that the master of the mystic arts cannot replicate anything which is discovered by human science. But after all, once he transmutes a butter knife into a flaming sword.


Universal Awareness

As the name suggests he possesses powers that give him awareness about all the things happing in the world. It is an extraordinary power that doctor strange has. Through hard meditation and enhanced consciousness, he can connect with the universe that allows him to gain all the things beyond the five physical senses. This means he can see the hidden magic beneath the reality. Also, he can see inter- dimensional bacteria eating our body on a regular basis.

Also, doctor strange has the ability to sense anomalies in time and space. So that he always prepared to protect himself against space invader, bad guys from other dimensions like Dormammu, etc. Similarly, if he walks any room randomly, he can actually see what has happened before his arrival by visualising in his mind.

So there are the unknown Superpowers Doctor Strange has possesses. Did we miss anything which not on the list???

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