Top 10 superheroes who came back from the Dead in the comic book history

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Every single character in the Marvel and DC comics either gets killed off or bring back from the dead. You name any superhero or villain, 95% of them actually came from the dead by the comic book writers. For example, some of the deaths were real but because of Flash’s time travel, they being alive again in that timeline. Some deaths being fakes, clone or being dead for some purpose.

While death is a serious subject, but it seems that comic book is not taking it seriously in. the real world. But these deaths are cyclic in nature whether it is because of storyline, copyright reason or Fan reason. Without wasting any time, let’s come to the subject. In this article, I am going to list down top 10 Superheroes who actually came back from the dead in the comic book history.


Superman Killed off by Darksied

In the whole DC comic book history, Superman is one of the oldest and most iconic and historic superheroes. Surprisingly this character has brought up from the dead several times. When Death of Superman in Superman Vol.2 #75 published in 1992 came out, it is sold very well. In this issue, Superman battles with an unstoppable killing machine named as Doomsday in the street of Metropolis. But unfortunately, Man of Steel ended up within the arms of his love Lois Lane. But obviously, this was not the end. Superman came back again after a few months.

The last son of Krypton, Eradicator stole Superman’s dead body and for putting it in a regenerated matrix machine for drawing out his energy to power himself. But eventually matrix broke open and the original Man of Steel resurrect without his power but alive.


Green Arrow and Superman

Arrow’s fan you need to know this. Oliver Queen’s death was an apart of the plane explosion. When NSA recruit him as an Agent, they want to infiltrate the Eden Corps. This terrorist organization planned to destroy Metropolis city with planted bomb on a plane which flights towards the city. Green Arrow tries to deactivate bomb in the detonation chamber. But Oliver Queen let himself killing and sacrifices himself to save thousands of lives.

But this wasn’t the end of the vigilante. He knew his friend Hal Jordan will return to save his life. During Final Night, he used his godlike powers to bring his old friend bring from the dead. But reader notice that he didn’t recover with his personality, but most important thing is that he finally made it with his physical strength and vigilante tactics.


Dead body of Jason Todd holded by Batman and Ressurected by Superboy Prime

Jason Todd’s death is one of the famous and memorable death in the comic book history. the reason behind this DC fans wanted it to happen. The Joker beats him in the crowbar and blows him up in the building. Sadly this was the miserable end of this version of Robin who was not received well by fans.

But in the 2005’s story arc, under the hood, the character was resurrected. When Superboy-Prime alters the reality from the paradise dimensions in which he trapped. Six months after Jason’s death, he was restored to life. But this time Todd was not the Robin who was a sidekick to Batman, but he decided to take the image of the red hood and spent his reaming life by committing crimes and violence because he feels that Batman didn’t save his life and avenges his death by killing Joker. Despite this, it is very interesting to see that the hero has been killed off and resurrected as a Villain.


Peter Parker as Spiderman's death

One of the very famous and popular superhero in the Marvel comics, Spider-Man has died several times in various occasion and being brought to life by comic book writers. They are many people who take the mantle of Spider-Man, but Peter Parker is the most recognizable name.

Peter’s very first death is not because of the villain but instead of his own sacrifices. The Web-Slinger sacrifices himself by saving a mother and daughter. But after that, it is revealed that Spider-Man was passed out because of chemical dosage. Later on, he convinces Mistress death to send him back to original life.


Jean Grey as Phoenix

The former X-Men, Jean Grey has been killed off and being resurrected back a lot. Wolverine himself had killed her over 5 times. In the Uncanny X-Men #101, the Space shuttle pilot, Jean Grey was exposed to a deadly amount of radiation who sacrifices her own life. But the group suddenly shocked when Jean rises out of the Water in a very new fantasy costume with an evil mindset calling herself The Phoenix Force.

The story starts when Jean killed by Sentinel but some house she manages to keep her mind safe and transfer her consciousness into the body of Emma Frost. But thanks to Professor X who transfer her mind again to her corpse. This not enough, even though she is the most powerful mutant, but end up with the dead in a multiple occasion.


Batman killed by Darkseid

In this dead list, Batman is no stranger to this death-life game. One of the most incredibly popular super heroes has died in many issues. This includes his fake deaths. In the Brave and the Bold #115, Buggsy Cathar sets booby trap for Batman and he then electrocuted and left being brain-dead. After immediate summon him to the doctors, they told him nothing can be done to save him. But the Atom aka Ray Palmer shrink himself and went inside the Bruce Wayne’s brain. Atom succeeds his mission by kick starts Batman’s brain back to life and Batman finally revived without any damages.

Also in the conclusion of Final Crisis, he didn’t die actually. Although it appears that he would have been vaporizing by Darkseid’s Omega Sanction attack, the surprising thing is that he actually had been sent back into time at Gotham.


Professor X and Jean Grey in X-Men: The Last Stand

Charles Xavier has been killed off multiple times in the past. Also in the live action big screen movie, X-Men he died more than once. One of the famous death on the big screen because of Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy. But after credit scene of X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X’s brother seem to be brain-dead who talking with professor’s own voice. This proves that Charles manages to transfer his soul to his new host body and practically bringing him to life.


Nightcrawler, The mutant death

Many time in the history of the comic book, writers used their innovative and creative ways to bring their characters to bring from the dead. Now this time, it is revealed that Nightcrawler happens to be the son of the devil before his death. But fans didn’t care about his death. But they did care about it when he recovered in a ridiculous way. He simply escapes from the afterlife through the portal he made and came to his life with his original teleportation powers.


The Thing in the Fantastic Four
Image Credit: Deviantart

Is Ben also killed and resurrect back??? This one of the rare facts about his death that some of the Marvel fans didn’t know. In the world of Fantastic Four, because of his powers and being weird looking appearance, he loses his wife and gets a new name The Thing.

Once Things think that he was finally getting free from his pain who was being controlled by Doctor Doom and Mr. Fantastic has to stop him and stop him with killing off. But group travel to heaven to retrieve their lost friend from the Fantastic Four God who happens to be the co-creator, Jack Kirby. He brings back the hero into life. So this was the cool move to resurrect the superhero in the Marvel history.


Resurrection Man DC comics character

This death and resurrection list would be incomplete without the Resurrection Man. This fictional character inspired from Mr. Immortal who has the powers to resurrect after the deaths. But Resurrection Man takes this type of power further by simply challenging death and beating it. He gains new powers each time relates to the cause of the death. Whenever he revives, he returns with a new different power. He forms immortality when deaths occur, but actually, he never stays dead. Shelley always revives himself in a short manner.

This killing and bring back from the dead is necessary sometimes for keeping the character fresh in the comic book. So what do you think about this nature of the comic book?

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