Top 10 DC’s Physically Strongest Superheroes

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Contrast to Marvel, every character in DC Universe has a very dark origin. Like Marvel Universe, DC Comics has adapted number of Superheroes and Supervillains and some of them have come much before the Marvel.

Over the decades, from the Golden Age comics to Silver Age comics, we have witnessed the number of most powerful characters from the DC and now Live Action DCEU bringing up some of the iconic fictional characters to the big screen.

In this article, I am going to discuss only those superheroes who have the super strength abilities from the grounded level heroes to the God level.

Hence, Hero’s Facts has list down the 10 Physically Strongest and most powerful DC Characters all time.


The Flash
© DC Comics

Thanks to CW’s Live Action TV series, the Flash character get massive popularity and Grant Gustin‘s character is absolutely flawless. We are not going to discuss his tragic past experience and how he gets his powers. I think 99% fans are aware of it. If you want to know about his past life and his super speedster’s powers origin, then visit The Flash (Comics).

In the whole DC Universe, there is a number of superheroes who have taken the mantle of Flash. But specifically, we going to discuss Barry Allen and Wally West. Silver Age comic Speedster, the Flash as Barry Allen has the capacity to carry several people at a time while moving at his super speed. Although he only possesses strength level of a man his age, his super running speed allows him to do something extraordinary.

Like his powers allow him to throw punches at speeds can have the same effect as someone with superhuman strength level.

In case of Wally West, Speed force enhances his physical strength to the greater level than the average human being. He is strong enough to lift the weight of 800lbs even while in running at super speed without having any physical strains. He has also seen as a reconstructing several ruined buildings by single handily.

Both Flashes can acquire the infinite mass punch ability. Meaning if they traveling near the speed of light and hit someone by their punches, this hit force capacity could be greater than that of a white dwarf star. With this ability, Flash can knock out Martian Manhunter or even Superman all with one devastating punch.


Cyborg animated version

Half-Human and half machine, Victor Stone gain his cybernetic ability due to the fatal experimental accident. His cybernetic enhancement provides him a superhuman physical strength which surpasses the average human’s strength.

At optimal capacity, Victor can lift four metric tons without having any stress in his robotic component. But if he pushes himself further, he can even surpass his limit to five tons. But this can cause him to severe damage to his cybernetic components.

But his superhuman strength can fluctuate according to his upgraded systems. After advanced up-gradation, now his upper limit strength is approximately around 15-20 tons.


Etrigan The Demon from DC Comics
© DC Comics & Deviant Art

Etrigan the Demon is neither is villain nor a superhero, but why he is in this superhero list? Because he deserves it. Etrigan is a demon prince of Hell who was bound to the mortal being Jason Blood. Throughout his life, he has fought on the side of good more than once and because of his other demonic avatar provides him the excessive physical superhuman strength.

Because of his thousands of years of training, he gets much more powerful than a regular demon being. His lower strength limit is lifting a police car with ease. Etrigan’s power level could match or even surpass Lobo’s physical strength level who has defeated Superman once in the past.

If this is not enough, his super strength allows him to punch Superman which throws him out in the orbit. His mystical superhuman strength is much above than the Superman, Wonder Woman and Lobo. So it would be wrong to take him lightly on the battlefield.


Jonathan Kent as Superboy
© DC Comics

One of the finest kid among the other superheroes’ kids popularly known as Superboy, Jon Kent is the son of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane. At the age of 10 years, Jon has shown his behaviors of what a kid could be like if he suddenly encountered with his superpowers. Although he is not the most powerful member of the Superman family. But in the absence of his father, he is worth a shot.

His half Kryptonian blood granted him the physically most powerful superhuman strength. Like his father, he is strong enough to lift multiple people out in the space which is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Wonder Girl.

But due to his young age and not able to control his newly found powers, Jonathan’s powers get fluctuate with his emotions. Although he is not as powerful as other superheroes, his powers and abilities have shown to develop since he was born.


Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry as Aquaman
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One of the most underrated DC Comic Superhero who is a ruler of the underwater city Atlantis. He is the king of the sea having the ability to command to all sea-life animals.

Live action Aquaman is going to make his full appearance through his movie this year. In the DCEU’s last Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we have seen him moving at an extremely high like supersonic speed.

He possesses incredible superhuman body and physics, but since his creation, his physical strength is always underrated in the DC Comics. In the Death of the King arc, he has thrown Soviet Sub of weighing 8000 ton from the 2.5 miles deep ocean floor to the surface.

In the Justice League Rebirth, both Aquaman & Wonder Woman pulled a Naval Super Carrier having weighed at least 70,000 tons through the ocean to land.

Now you get an idea how powerful he is. So please don’t underestimate him. He is worth fighter superhero (you can’t even imagine) like other DC Comics character.

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