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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Top 10 Physically Most Powerful Marvel Characters

Hulk Hercules Namor Wonder Man all together

Ever since Marvel and DC comics stepped up into the live action movies, we get to see a number of Superheroes and Supervillains. Because of their ability to do something extraordinary, we as fans always want to do something special; but we could only imagine of.

There are hundreds of superheroes ranging from the weakest to strongest one, from a super-human ability to a magical abilities, etc. Hence to feed your hunger about strongest superheroes, Hero’s Facts have created a list of most powerful comic book characters all time.

Here are, Top 10 Physically Most Powerful Marvel Characters


Luke Cage as Power Man
© Marvel

Marvel’s well known African American superhero, Power Man, thanks to Netflix’s TV series, Luke Cage is now part of the MCU. He is a street level heroes for hire who fights criminals and bad guys or villains on his level.

After going through his voluntarily experiment in prison, Luke Cage’s strength was increased to a superhuman level. After his intensive training and hard exercise, his super strength increases which capable of lifting approx. 25 tons. When he got his powers initially, he was only able to lift 5 tons.

After years of experience as a superhero, his strength is now increased to 50 tons or more. Using his super ability, he can knock out Rhino with one punch only.
He has got unbreakable bulletproof skin and they are hard as steel and he can withstand blast impact of approx. 150 pounds without getting any injury.

So if you are in danger, there is no need to call Superman or The Flash, he is worth a shot.


The Thing marvel superhero
© Marvel

Benjamin J. Grimm, as a pilot with his other three friends, Reed Richard, Johnny and Reed’s girlfriend Sue trip to hyperspace to another solar system for experimentation. And after that, you know all this their Blood gets mutated because of cosmic radiation.

After returning to Earth, Grimm discoursed that he is transformed into orange like stoned heavily-muscled. Later Richard convinced them to use their superpowers for good purpose to becoming The Fantastic Four.

Grimm aka better known as The Thing gets rock like skin while his internal body organs get tougher and harder. His primary superhuman power is his great physical super strength.

After years of experience as a superhero, and hard training, he is classified as class 85. Meaning that he is capable of lifting around 30,000 tons. Another fact about his strength is that he can hold bridges with main cables together which weigh around 10,000 tons for an extended period of time.

He can withstand the super Hulk’s punches which make The Thing a formidable opponent cause Hulk a way stronger than him.

He is not unlike other superheroes like getting more powers as more anger he gets, but as a Fantastic Four, he is worth superhero as a part of the Marvel Superhero.


Wonder Man Marvel Superhero
© Marvel

Simon Williams was a son of a wealthy industrialist and heir of his father’s company. Due to argue between his and Stark Industry, Simon turns into criminals.

After Baron Zeno recruited him, he tested Simon with his Ionic Ray treatment which enables him with superhuman strength and durability. His ionic energy treatment enables him with strength comparable to that of Thor.

Baron gave him a name as Wonder Man and used him as a weapon against The Avengers. It’s the only matter time until he joins the world’s mightiest team, the Avengers.

Due to experiment, he possesses vast superhuman strength. His upper limit is still unknown but he classified into class 100 limit. In Avengers: Children’s Crusade #3, Captain America stated that Wonder Man has Sentry level strength.

So despite the grounded level of superhero, Wonder Man is capable of holding his own against world’s greatest villains.


Namor The Sub Mariner
© Marvel

DC’s version of Aquaman, Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner is the king of the Atlantis. He is one of the Marvel’s oldest superheroes and being referred as a first mutant.

Like Aquaman, his body is specially developed for underwater conditions. When he comes in contact with water, he gets intensely strong. Even he is in the land, he was able to knock out Luke Cage.

If I talked about his physical strength, he even has knocked out the Savage Hulk. He can easily lift thousands of tons without any efforts. His courage is so great that in a various occasion he is referred as one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet.


She-Hulk powerful female superhero
© Marvel

Cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters gained her law degree from the University of California. Unlike Bruce, she did not witness any kinds of gamma-rays accident rather because of her law career, she faced a gangster who shoots her. To save her, Mr. Banner gave his own (Gamma mutated) blood by transfusion which enables her nearly same powers as Hulk.

In the Marvel Comic book, She-Hulk is currently listed as class 100 which almost equals to the Thor and Hercules. Like Bruce Banner, her powers depends on her emotions like anger and rage.

After sufficient training with Captain America and Gamora, she is now a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. In the comics, after hard training, she also explicitly throws an arm-wrestling match against Hercules to spare his feeling.

Now you have a two better option to choose between Matt Murdock and Jennifer. Both possess the super ability and both are a lawyer. Now it’s your decision where to go…

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