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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Top 10 Most Powerful Iron Man Suits which you need to know

Iron Man Suit in Hall of Armor chamber

Tony Stark is a well-known human being known for his best innovative gadgets and most of the armor suits. In the Marvel Universe, he is one of the smartest people on the planet.

Over the years since MCU’s Iron Man, Tony has made different types of powerful Iron Man suits from the classic Mark 1 to the Hulkbuster suit. He is not just making it but also makes usable for every possible situation.

Because of his mind-blowing technical skilled, he becomes one of the popular superhero characters among the Marvel fans.

Marvel Cinematic Universe brought him into a Live action character and the role is being played by Robert Downey Jr.

Without his Iron Man suits, Tony Stark is just a billionaire playboy but intelligent one. Hence in this article, I going to list down his top most well known and powerful Iron Man suits.

So here are Iron Man’s top 10 Strongest Armor Suits


Starboost Iron Man's most powerful suits
© 2018 Marvel Studio. All rights reserved.

Most of the fans figured I am going to introduced Hulkbuster or Thorbuster armor suit in the first position. It’s true. I was. but the above suit has something special which you need to know.

Starboost was known as Mark 39 based on his Space Armor Mark II.

If you are not aware, Starboost is one of the few new design by Tony made especially for the off-earth mission. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark had created it after the battle of New York in Iron Man 3.

This suit has the ability to travel into sub-orbital ranges. It is prepared to stand against cold temperature as well as radiation in space with built in an oxygen tank to allow breathing while he was in space.

The idea behind this suit comes from the events in the Avengers. At the end of the movie when Tony went through the portal and his suit powers decreases as he goes up. Hence, in future to avoid this type of problem, he made Starboost so that it can fly at the high altitude and into space.

Thanos is planning to invade earth through Avengers: Infinity War and who knows when mightiest Avengers need this kind of Iron suit.

Mark 39 is the first and only suit to have a white color shade. This suit’s material made up of a special alloy which can absorb the arc reactor’s radiation. It can fly at the high altitude and into space.

For traveling through space, it has powerful repulsor-powered thrusters on his back which is used to propel himself. So this is one of the prominent suits that Tony has kept in the Hall of Armors Chamber.



Hulk vs Hulkbuster
© 2017 Marvel Studio. All rights reserved.

Marvel universe has got various strongest and unstoppable character and Hulk is one of them who is the most powerful one.

No one knew when Hulk could turn against his team; that why inspired from him, Tony has made his new armor suit which can stand toe-to-toe with the Incredible Hulk.

The suit made its first debut in Iron Man Vol. 1 issue #304 back in 1994. In the comic pages, Hulkbuster is created by both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner after studying the Hulk’s actual physical strength and powers.

To stand Hulk’s super strength, the suit is powered by multiple Arc Reactors in order to gain required strength as that of Hulk.

In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hulkbuster nearly match Hulk’s physical strength when Scarlet Witch had a control over him.

During intense duo battle, Tony and Hulk throw punches against each other which creates such shockwaves that shatter the buildings’ windows and glasses from miles around.

So no matter what other Iron Man suits can do, still Hulkbuster is one of the most powerful Iron Suit out there.


War Machine fan art
© 2017 PhillieCheesie & Marvel Studio. All rights reserved.

After hearing War Machine, only one person pop-ups in our mind. Yes! It’s James Rhodes and he is the best-known man in the Silver and black armor suit.

He is the first character who uses Tony Stark’s suit in Iron Man #281 back in 1992.

The specialty of this suit is that having multiple weaponry systems from the shoulder cannon to the laser sword. So it is ready for every possible circumstance in the War times.

When Tony seemed to die a few issue later, Rhodey is the one who took the mantle of Iron Man and becomes the superhero by calling himself War Machine.



Mark I suit in Iron Man 1
© 2017 Marvel Studio. All rights reserved.

Mark I‘ has not that level of improvements as compared to latest one. But during that time, it was one of the most advanced pieces of technology ever invented and foundation of earlier Iron Suits.

The Mark I was born when Tony and Ho Yinsen were held as a prisoner by the terrorist group known as the Ten Rings.

The suit looks very crude because it was made under the situation of limited resources and also have limited weapons like Rocket and Flamethrower.

This suit is one of the heaviest armors in existence. Later on, Tony recreated this suit and kept in his Halls of Armor.

Even if this suit can’t withstand other various advanced suits, still it remains one of the most important and historic weapons that Tony has ever created.


Tony Stark as Extremis
© 2017 Marvel Comics. All rights reserved.

Extremis suit first debuted in 2006’s Iron Man Vol. 4 #5. This version of Tony Stark is very different than the normal man sitting inside the suit.

Extremis was a Super Soldier Serum which stolen by a terrorist. Hence in an attempt to regain it back, Tony Stark takes heavy injury and to heal himself, he takes the Extremis which improves his neural interface with the armor and other technology.

Thanks to this drug, Tony’s mind can directly access the satellite networks and other various security systems. If this is not enough, this version of armor possessed time-traveling technology which seems most surprising.

Other super abilities he granted like direct Cybernetic Interface which includes wireless communication, superhuman reflexes and regenerative system, cloaking, Omni-direction repulse rays.

Hence, in the comics, Extremis Iron Man suit was one of the most powerful sets of armor at that time.

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