Top 10 Marvel’s Fastest Speedsters Ranked!

Top 10 Fastest Marvel superheroes
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There have been debates over who is the fastest speedster in DC and Marvel since there has been a growth in a number of superheroes in the comic pages.

Most of the Marvel/DC fans only know about the Flash and Quicksilver being the fastest superheroes. But this is just a half-truth.

In the only Marvel universe, there is a number of characters who surpass the likes of other speedsters who runs at the speed of light.

But what is exactly speedster? Since the Flash series came out, we heard this word number of times and becomes familiars with. Hence to find out who suits this word better, Hero’s Facts has gathered a piece of information from the internet and think to write an article about it.

Marvel Entertainment recently revealed their topmost characters whose running ability is incredible and most of them are familiar superheroes which we have been seeing them since our childhood.

Nevertheless, here are the Top 10 Marvel’s Fastest Superheroes which you need to know…

[Please note that this list is officially ranked by the Marvel team]


Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel fastest female superhero
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Captain Marvel better known as Carol Danvers who was a former head of Nasa security. During her career time, she became entangled in the schemes of the interstellar alien Kree Empire where Carol befriends with the Kree Soldier Mar-Vell.

Later she was kidnapped by the alien robotic intelligence Cyberex who was a perfect assassin created by Dr. Walter Lawson. While she was still concussed, it leads her to battle with Mar-Vell.

But by doing so, she knocked off into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron device which could turn imagination into reality. But also responsible to change Carol Danvers’s genetic structure.

The accident altered her DNA which effectively making her a half Kree superhuman.

Using her Kree powers, she capable of running and accelerating to high speeds which is beyond a normal human being.

Carol aka Captain Marvel is also capable of propelling herself through the air and the space vacuum at tremendous speed. She also has cosmic binary powers which enable her to fly at light speed.

Although her top speed is unknown, Carol can fly at three times faster than the speed of sounds for several hours which makes her one of the fastest female superhero characters.


Marvel's fastest character Makkari
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Makkari is a Marvel character who is a member of the offshoot of humanity known as an eternal Ancient Godlike alien and also Eternal’s one of the member of Technological Guild.

Over the years while he’s growing, Makkari learned engineering subjects from his parents. What makes him the fastest character is his obsession with speed.

His primary focus is to reach superhuman running speed. While studying engineering, he spent countless years on a subject of speed and motion in which he particularly designs various high-velocity transport vessels.

Makkari gave much of his eternal powers to improve his running speed. He can even create cyclones by running in circles and able to run up walls and over water.

At one point in his life, he finally achieved something that he was dreaming.

Makkari trained with the Eternal guru Elo to boost his speed to an abnormal level. But by doing so, he has to sacrifice his other abilities. He was successful in becoming faster than ever but as a side effect, Makkari has to cost many of his powers like flight, matter manipulation, project energy blast, teleport, etc.

His obsession leads him to damage his own health and stamina. But he was not a fool enough to let it happen.

After Sprite’s treachery, Makkari regained his original Eternal abilities which were not limited to speed alone. Hence, this is no longer appears to be Makkari’s weakness.


the Whizzer Marvel's fastest superhuman
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Probably most of the people don’t know about this guy. Marvel’s the Whizzer known by Robert Frank has been in the Marvel comic book for nearly 70 years since his creation.

If I talked about his origin and how he gets his superhuman ability, then let’s take a look. Once Robert went on an expedition with his father Dr. Emil Frank where Robert was bitten by a cobra.

But nowhere from sudden Mongoose appears and Dr. Frank recalled an old wives’ tale about him. He injected Mongoose’s blood into Robert’s vein which somehow recovered him. Due to Mongoose’s mutant blood reaction with him, Robert had developed the ability to move at superhuman speed.

In his unexhausted condition, the Whizzer can move at a superhuman speed up to 100 miles per hour for an hour only until his fatigue impaired his performance.

Because of this ability, his thinking capacity also increased about four times faster than an average human being thus making him his brain just as fast as quick-thinking.

How Fast is the Flash


Slingshot fastest female superhuman
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Yo-Yo Rodriguez also known as Slingshot is Marvel’s most underrated fastest superhuman who is also an agent of SHIELD (you probably saw her in the TV series).

In the comics, she is the daughter of most wanted super-criminal Johan Horton aka the Griffin. Because of his mutated DNA, Yo-Yo got her superhuman ability of super speed.

In the Marvel’s TV series Agent of SHIELD, her counterpart character Alena went through terrigenesis experiment which grants her the ability of super-speed. Live-Action Yo-Yo can run at speed of 300 miles per hour.

Another element to Elena’s ability is that she can run in time during the period of her one heartbeat. As the heartbeat is complete she automatically returns to the same place where she started.

In the comics, Slingshot can snap from one place to another in a blink an eye. But like I said before after she using her powers, she automatically returns to where she started.


Richard Rider as Nova
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In the Marvel comic, Richard Rider chose randomly by the last surviving Centurion of the planet Xandar’s elite Nova Corps-Rhomann Dey to inherit his powers and succeed him in the rank of Nova Prime.

Afterward, he becomes the host of the entire Nova Force which is a vast energy source that he can access to gain himself a number of superpowers and one of them is his fastest superhuman speed.

By properly channeling the Nova Force, Richard Rider can travel faster than the speed of light. Nova is capable of making Star Gates to quickly travel long distances in space.

But Rider is not just an only Nova hero. There are older Novas also who possess true super speed, meaning that doesn’t necessarily just flying.

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