First Look At Tom Hardy’s Venom Symbiote

Venom Symbiote first look

Blessed with lots of secret superpowersVenom is going to make a brand new appearance in the Sony’s upcoming Tom Hardy’s Venom.

As trailer briefly shows off Tom Hardy’s Venom symbiotes in the first full-length trailer, EW brought us scary look at Venom symbiote will full of violent tendencies.

You can check out a picture of Tom Hardy in and as Venom:

Tom Hardy as Venom
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Sony’s Venom is a spin-off movie from Spider-Man’s universe features Oscar-nominated Tom Hardy plays like a foreign alien. The actor always wanted to play comic book character especially most refreshing one, and Alien Symbiote feels very special to him. According to him, Venom is nothing but an anti-hero unless Spider-Man in front of him.

READ ALSOWhy Venom Will Not Have Spider Symbol On His Chest

Tom Hardy spoke with EW,

There’s something funny about the circumstances of having a gift, but it’s a tragic gift. It’s a superpower you don’t want, but at the same time, you love it. It makes you feel special. He’s a reluctant hero and an anti-hero.

Here is the official synopsis for Venom:

Follow the grim, dark tale of photographer Eddie Brock as he is roped into a conspiracy involving a shadowy scientific organization, and his bonding to a parasitic alien lifeform that leads him to become the monstrous vigilante Venom.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott.

Venom is going to infect the world on October 5, 2018.



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