The Question : Facts about Vic Sage that you don’t know about

vic sage the question facts

As we know The Question, one of the most underrated comics Hero and some of the people don’t know him. Thats why following are some facts about him

The question aka Charles Victor Szasz or Vic Sage is a television investigation journalist. He encountered stories that he couldn’t investigate normally. That’s why he donned a special mask that made it appear as he has no face.

His main agenda is to remove all the corruption from the city. From childhood he always not to like the bad things, so after graduation Sage made his mark as Reporter and become investigation journalist.

In the justice league animated series he had done wonderful job by team up with green arrow, Batman,etc. He also participate in major events such as the Alien Invasion and Brainiac’s attack on metropolis.

During infinite crisis, with the help of John John aka the martian manhunter’s telepathy, he able to locate all the villains of Secret Society of Super-Villains and track them down.

After the Batman’s gone from Gotham city, he takes the mantle of Batman to protect the city. Then he remove the bat symbol sticker from the bat-signal and put question mark symbol.

His powers are beyond normal human being such as Acrobatics, Amazing disguise ability, Genius level of intellect. He is very good at hand to hand combat. He is very popular and finds it crime through its investigation skills.

He also learnt Dragon style kung-fu trained by Richard Dragon and he has exceptional martila arts skills.

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