The Flash: 5 worst Things Happened In Barry’s Life

Barry Allen as The Flash CW TV show

The CW’s famous fictional TV series The Flash gave us our comic’s version superhero. Over the years, DC Comics put the darker experience in the characters stories. If I talk about the Flash’s character, his life started with pain and ends with pain.

In the comic’s book, no one has suffered like Barry Allen. So in this articles, I have listed down the top 5 worst things that have happened in Barry’s life that would give you a little hint about what will happen in the next Flash’s season.


Whether it is Marvel comics or DC comics, comic reader loves to read those comics which has tragic past and story. Like Superman’s family, Batman’s family, Spider-man’ family and even Flash’s family were killed off before their child becomes superheroes. When DC creator reboots Flash’s origin, they gave him a dark past. In front of young Barry’s eyes, his mother Nora Allen was murdered crucially and his father Henry Allen was being framed for murdered his own wife. Years after that his father dies in the jail without seeing his own grown up son.

When he turns 18 years, years later after that he discovered that all of that incident happened because of Reverse-flash aka Professor Zoom who brutally murdered his mother and Frame Henry to ruin Barry’s life. This discovery boosts Barry’s responsibilities toward his life and drives him to join the as a forensic scientist for the Central City police department. And then he became the City’s lovable hero-The Flash.


The Flash’s another main foe his own twin brother Malcolm Thawne. Many of the Flash’s fan doesn’t know that in comics he is the not only one child that Nora gave birth. He has a secret twin brother who assumes to die at the birth time.

This child handed over to the infamous con artist who had superpowers taunted him because of being inferior to them over the years when he grows up. Hence Malcolm gets full of rage and aggression.

Later when he finds out about his twin brother Barry Allen, he feels malicious about Barry having a happy family and unfortunately grew to hate him. When his adoptive grandmother finds out about this, she teaches him how to use family’s superpowers and after learning it, he becomes supervillain Cobalt Blue. After that, you know what happened. He swore to kill Barry Allen and everyone he loves.


When Barry Allen stop Reverse-Flash from killing his mother in the past, he changes his future. In that new timeline, his mother Nora Allen is alive and his father Henry Allen is also fine and live with them. He finally got everything that he ever wanted in life.

But like in the Flash season 3 Flashpoint episode, he discovered that this is not actual reality. In the comics, everything getting screw up like Bruce Wayne dies, Superman doesn’t discover his powers, Wonder Woman and Aquaman falls in love and later led it to the massive war. So there was only one way for Barry to return to his own timeline by letting reverse-flash to kill his mother. That’s the hardest decision Barry has ever take.


Barry’s troubles not ending here. Years after when he got married to Iris West, they lived as a happy family. Once they attend a costume party where they have to dress as a superhero. Iris West disguise as Batgirl in that party. When Iris West goes into the kitchen to get a drink, zoom was already there to kill her.

After that, you know what happened. But this is like the situation where barry’s mother killed of in front of his eyes. His foe has taken everything that he loves and finally succeeded to ruin his life by destroying his love. but Barry has a habit of screwing up everything. Thanks to the time travel to they again reunited again in the future.


One of the famous events happened in the DC universe is Crisis On Infinite Earths. In this event, Barry suffers a lot more pain and tragic death. All of this starts when Ani-monitor completes its invention of anti-matter canon to destroy all of the earth in the multiverse except the prime earth. But our hero stops this by running against the rotation of anti-matter and end up with sacrifice his life ( a similar situation we have seen in the finale episode of Season 2 of The Flash).

By doing this, for fraction of section, he remembering all of his memories in a reverse sequence. He says goodbye to all of his friends, to his family even to his troubles. But sadly, there is no one to hear his painful voice.

That what true superheroes do for saving millions of people. Before dying, he said,” Do what you have to…we must save the world.” Later in a few seconds, he begins to vaporize by running extremely high speed that the usual speed.

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So what do you think about his tragic, painful life??? Share your views in the comment section.


  1. number 5 about Barry’s death happened on his Future Daughters watch Nora idolizes him a role model she’s from a future that’s outlawed in the 2040s Nora worked for thawne same as Barry did she never met him let alone iris prevented her from contacting him she’s the flashes daughter which cant be a good thing

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