The Flash Season 5 Confirms Ralph Dibny’s Origin

Ralph Dibny Flash Season 5

When Hartley Sawyer cast as Ralph Dibny as Elongated Man, fans noticed that the character’s name listed as one of the seventeen people who died during particle accelerator’s explosion in the Flash Season 1.

Therefore as Elongated Man, rumors spread across the internet that he got his meta powers from the explosion in season 1.

But in season 3, when Barry Allen created an alternate timeline, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg states that Ralph resurrects because of this incident.

However, Dibny’s character rewrites again in season 4 who was a victim of one of 12 bus-metas.

In the premiere of the Flash Season 5- titled by “Nora,” Dalph doubt whether he already died before Barry creating Flashpoint. Here, the series made another effort to clarify the questioning about Ralph’s origin.

Thus, this time it confirmed that Ralph Dibny died during Star Lab’s particle explosion and revived back when scarlet speedster created a new timeline.

Ralph Dibny Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny is a comedic character (also named by Elongated Man) who appeared first in the Flash Season 3- was a former detective in Central City before the pre-Flashpoint. On the other hand in last season, he worked as a private investigator before joining team Flash.

When Barry Allen made his dramatic entry from the Speed Force, its leaked dark matter exposed on Bus in which Ralph was traveling. Its a matter of weeks, he manifested his stretchy powers and joined the team Flash to defeat Clifford DeVoe aka the Thinker.

Checkout synopsis for upcoming Episode 2 titled by “Blocked.”:

Villain Joins the “THE FLASH”
As Barry helps his daughter, Nora, become a better speedster, he and Team Flash also track down a meta stealing high-tech weapons, only to cross paths with a new foe named Cicada, who is hunting the very same meta with evil intent.

The Flash Season 5 will air every Tuesday on The CW.


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