The Flash Season 5: All Flash Suits Introduced So Far

The Flash

The Flash Season 5 will bring Barry and his daughter Nora Allen together in their new speedster suits.

Previously season 4 shows off Barry Allen’s comic accurate Flash suit that based on the future timeline 2024. In this suit, Cisco additionally introduced new features which could help Barry to take on enemy easily.

As every time Barry successfully takes season’s big bad, Cisco came up with an idea which could overcome speedster’s previous weakness.

Since Barry Allen got his powers, he wore several suits. Suit includes multiple upgrades that help him to keep up with speed. In this piece of article, we have listed down all the known Flash suit as well as new suits which will introduce in the new season.

Here is the list of All the Flash’s Old & New Suits that every fan must know:


The Flash costume

When Barry Allen gained his superspeed, Cisco Ramon made very first Flash bodysuit which was typically red fabric along with a reinforced helmet. Initially built for firefighters, Cisco gave it to Barry Allen to test his speed powers.

This suit also has one Protective benefit.

It has an anti-vibrational system which can protect costume from getting a burn while running at light speed.

As a protector and hope to Central City, Barry Allen hide his secret identity by running through the city as the Flash.


The Flash Season 2 costume

In the only first season, the Flash Team defeated multiple metahumans. Hence, Cisco recognized Mark I suit wouldn’t be enough if the powerful enemies confront them.

The scientist added few upgrades to an existing suit that allows Barry to prepare for any situation.

To connect Speedster with the Flash team, Cisco installed two lightning bolts’ tiny earpieces.

As an extra advantage, it allows Barry to listen to its surrounds while running at superspeed.


New suit The Flash season 5

Future Flash suit was something fans wanted to see so vigorously. In the pilot episode of the series, we can see 2024’s suit when future Flash stop Reverse Flash killing his younger self.

Since then fans looking forward to seeing more about this suit.

It’s evident that because of Cisco’s ideas, we got to see flash costumes through the years in every season.

In the original timeline of 2024, 2024 suit looks slightly different than the season 3’s one. The costume had a lighter shade of red but thicker yellow lightning bolts design over the outfit.

In the Flash season 3, Barry travels future to get an idea how to stop Savitar killing Iris West. Later in the same episode, 2024 suit seen when future Barry helped original timeline speedster to fight future Mirror Master and Top.

However, it looks like Season 5 bringing brand-new suit that could outclass 2024 outfit because this ring based suit is supposed to be from older Barry Allen from the future.


The Flash Suit Iris West

Last noticed in the Flash Season 4 when one of 12 bus metas transfers Barry’s DNA to Iris body; Iris received speedster’s powers.

To protect female heroine’s secret identity, Iris wore spare mask belonging to Jesse Wells and suit’s jacket as regular apparel.

At the end of the season, Nora also dressed up the same jacket that initially belongs to her mother, Iris. As the suit does not have advanced functions like Barry’s one; but Cisco made a necessary modification like a friction-proof to Protect suit.


The Flash New costume

Each time clothes’ designers of the Flash trying to consolidate pieces of costume from the DC comics. But now it seems that Barry Allen will don an entire comic based suit in the Season 5.

For the new season, there was one leak photo of Grant Gustin wearing the new Flash suit.

It was a test photo in which we can see the suit made of spandex material, not a leather one.

The costumes show Barry’s lower face and a bit portion of his neck. Like 2024 timeline, suit colored in gold strips as well.

If the leaked photo is not a faked one, then it would fit the exact suit from the Flash comic in which we can see Barry Allen carrying similar suit throughout his superhero career.

Though Season 5 will not adopt entirely comic based suit, it confirmed there would be slight changes to it.


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