The Flash Season 4 fan made New Opening theme Song Reminds Barry’s superhero journey

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen as the Flash
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Episode 1 of the Flash Season 4 already aired on the CW Network and it received a huge response by fans. Especially to find out about Barry’s situation after getting out from the Speed Force.

Initially team Flash finds trouble while handling newly found Barry because for him he was there in the speed force around for 10,000 years according to Caitlin Snow. But According to Grant Gustin, while asking Barry’s condition after getting out from Speed force, he said,

“When he comes out, it is like an awakening in some ways. He has an understanding of things he hasn’t had before. He is also kind of scrambled and not really himself because it has been a jarring experience.”

Although every episode starts with Barry’s voice talking about himself and how he become Flash and why he wanted to protect his city and his friends. But like Marvel TV series, CW never delivered us their own Opening theme songs.

That’s a little bit disappointing for us. But we don’t have to worry about it anymore because one of the Flash fans have recreated the Flash’s opening theme songs using Flash’s iconic Soundtrack like exactly what it could have been.

Here take a look:

After watching it, it feels that The Flash Season 4 could be better than the last; because this season will have a new Barry with different storyline, different but new comic based superheroes, and more importantly non-speedster but the most badass villain, The Thinker and that’s the only thing we want it and nothing else.

So what do you think about it guys??? Do you like this Flash’s opening theme song???

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