The Flash Season 4: Show Gets a New Scarlet Logo

The Flash

Nearly half month remaining for the premiere episode 1 of the Flash Season 4. Since its Comic-Con trailer and another “Hero Reborn” promo trailer came out, as a fan our excitation reach to another level. You can watch the promo here:

Because this time we will get to see different Barry as recent teaser shows the appearance of Barry’s look with Beard.

And now it seems that for a new Season and new non-speedster villain-The Thinker, CW’s The Flash has got a new logo which exactly resembles the Scarlet Speedster. Check it out:

The Flash season 4 new trailer

Earlier three seasons shows the Flash’s iconic lightning bolt logo which is inspired from DC Comics. As we can see from the trailer, Barry wears 2024’s future version of Flash’s suit. So that for the new suit will need to have a branded logo.

All these changes take us to understand Barry Allen’s new life without having the guilt of unable to save his mother. Hence it seems that for the very first time we get to see comic book version of Scarlet Speedster.

You can find out this new logo on the recently released Flash Season 4 promo teaser. The wallpaper for this logo posted by some fan guy on the Reddit.


  • Supergirl-Season 3: 9 October 2017 (Monday)
  • The Flash-Season 4: 10 October 2017 (Tuesday)
  • The Legend of Tomorrow-Season 3: 10 October 2017 (Tuesday)
  • Arrow-Season 6: 12 October 2017 (Thursday)

Source: Reddit


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