The Flash Season 4 tease New 52 Reverse-Flash theory

New 52 Reverser Flash
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Last Episode of the Flash Season 4 drops a major shocking news when Cecile tell Joe West about her pregnancy. So this means that a new West member is going add in the Flash family and ultimately CW’s Arrowverse.

Cecile tells about her pregancy to Joe West
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Earlier in episode 1, when Barry talks crazy after getting out of the speed force, he simultaneous talks about his past, and future in which he mentioned about we’re going to need more diapers. So does that mean that the Flash’s showrunner already planning to introduce new west member who would be the younger brother of Iris West?

But we are not talking about a Wally here. The Flash season 4 is inspired from the New 52 the Flash: Rebirth storyline, so it could be that they want to introduce Daniel West as Joe-Cecile’s son.


New 52 Reverse Flash try to kill his father
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But why are concerning about him??? Who is he??? So if you don’t know about him, then this article may helpful for you. Daniel West was the Reverse Flash of the new 52 comics. This rebooted comic changes the relationship little bit by giving Iris a brother named Daniel West instead of Wally West like the TV show. There are numerous changes that the CW has already made to the classic comics.

This is just a theory about Daniel because if you go with the comic book character there is only a couple of Wests that they haven’t used the names of so far and the biggest one being Daniel.

He first appeared in the comics ‘The Flash volume 4 #0’. In this storyline, Daniel’s mother died after giving him a birth that leads his father to hate him much more. He grew up in the abusive household under the care of his sister, Iris. After the Gorilla Warfare, he accidentally crashes into the car which was powered by Speed force. Thanks to the Speed Force, it gives him the ability to travel back in time.

After experiencing annoying and hateful bad life he was so disillusioned with society. He decided to use his speed force powers for murdering his father by running by in time. And that’s when he became the Reverse Flash.

So my theory is that at the end of the season if Cecile dies by giving birth to Daniel and if Joe fills with hatred towards his newborn baby, then there will be a possibility that the Flash Season 5 could be inspired from the New Reverse Flash storyline.

Then we should not have to wait until Daniel becomes actual Reverse Flash. He would come back from the future timeline like his comic counterpart to get revenge from his father and from everyone else who was present when his mother dies. And that’s where Flash team would go against the New 52’s Reverse Flash.

However, this is just my assumption. Still, we have to wait until the Flash’s finale episode come. But what do you think guys??? Do you really think Daniel West will be the new villain for the season 5???

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