The Flash Season 4-Episode 13: Short Summary

The Flash Season 4 episode 13 Barry Allen with bus metahumans

Very recent episode 13th of the Flash Season 4 has taken an extreme twist when Clifford DeVoe confronts bus metas. The episode starts right where Barry seized by Warden Wolfe to sell Amunet along with other bus metas.

While watching the episode which is titled by ‘True Colors’, Cyndi Lauper’s fans remember the title is a reference to her famous song ‘True Colors’.

Even Barry Allen is in prison, he didn’t scared of exposing his secret. It feels like he already had a plan to break out of prison like Prison Break series.

Former CCPD police trick bath cleaner and stole cell batteries so that by producing an acid liquid out of it, he melts down prisons lock and assists other bus metas to break out.

Meanwhile on STAR lab, thanks to Cecile’s telepathic powers, everyone tried to figure out how to solve Barry’s kidnapped case. Like I mentioned earlier in my last post, this is not only the Flash’s episode but also Ralph Dibny’s development as a superhero.

Frustrated Ralph when entered STAR labs while complaining about his old past friend who thinks Dibny could betray them, nowhere from sudden Ralph changes to his old friend. That was the stunning growth of Elongated Man’s power and I think showrunner made it happen purposely so that Team Flash can help Barry.

Ralph Dibny and Cisco in the Flash Season 4 episode 13
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Like previous episodes, the series in this episode takes the ‘You can do it’ approach and make Ralph’s to control his newly found powers so that he can shapeshift to Warder Wolfe and end up his deal with Amunet.

But things didn’t always go as plan. In front of Amunet, Ralph turns back to his original form and successfully made out without being captured.

Here in Central City, after Ralph’s failed mission, Cisco and Killer Frost decided to go themselves to free Barry illegally and I also thought that was their last chance until Ralph’s shape-shifting ability shows up.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in the flash s04x13
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When it’s about a time when all the bus metas including Barry Allen made out of old Iron Height’s meta prison cell, Wolfe already waiting for them to arrest.

He knows he can’t fight those powerful metas, hence he unveiled Barry Allen’s secret identity as the Flash who was the responsible one to capture them all.

Every present bus metas trying to hurt Barry except one character who stand beside him. In this episode, Becky came into light and I like the way they handle this character’s storyline which made the end of the episode unexpected.

Becky saves Barry Allen using her lucky powers. However, the season’s big villain The Thinker shows up and steal every bus metas’ ability and powers and transfer into Becky’s body including himself.

The Thinker killed all the bus metas
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When Barry realize things go right according to his plan, but his fortune doesn’t seem good enough to enjoy a little bit. Now DeVoe has every metas power except Ralph Dibny.

With help of Ralph’s shapeshifting ability, he turns himself into handicap Clifford DeVoe and convinced Judge to released Barry and that’s how Barry is legally free from the Iron Height. I know this is the weird end of Barry’s prison break and it has some plot hole like scriptwriter didn’t care about it.

Now the villain has his own fastest mind powers as well as other metas ability into Becky’s innocent body. His wife Marlize starts worrying about him and I think villainy pair resembles episode title ‘True Colors’ when Clifford quickly changes his plan and shows his true color by exposing a little bit of his plan to us.

Team Flash starts realizing The Thinker’s major plan and now two metas left for Thinker to steal their powers. One is 9th metas who will enter into next 14th episode and the last one is the fan-favorite character ‘Elongated Man’.

While enjoying Team Flash’s victory, Barry Allen can’t stop thinking about DeVoe’s next move and that’s when Ralph joined the party which makes team realize that he is next target.

If you are not watching Arrow Season 6, in this week Flash made a short cameo (for fraction of sections) to help out Oliver team.

Now Barry is back with his family and friends. The Thinker is moving fast with his deadly plan and continuously it feels that the villain wanted this to happen. But for what reason???

Stay tuned for updates regarding the Flash…

The Flash Season 4 airs Tuesdays on The CW.


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