The Flash Season 4 Cast Details and Explanation | Everything you need to know

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Since The Comic-Con trailer for The Flash Season 4 came out, our excitation towards this season rises to another level. From the trailer, one thing is sure there are various new faces going to add in the cast list, to help Flash Team or to destroy them.

The controversial subject of the Flash Season 4 is the main big villain, The Thinker aka DeVoe. Other than him, there are lots of other characters going to show up in the show. So now fans have this article to be excited about which covers all the new comers as well as the old member who going to appears in the Flash Season 4.

The Flash Season 4 Cast Details:


Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man

Elongated Man, a metahuman with the extraordinary ability to stretch his body to any shape like Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic.

He gets his metahuman powers during season 1st particles explosion experiment. Ralph Dibny is one of the people who lost their lives during that event. However, now he is alive with his amazing powers.

Hartley Sawyer was cast as an Elongated Man in the recurring role throughout the season. In the comics, Dibny was a good ally of Barry Allen. In the Live Action TV series also, he will team up with Flash to defeat season’s big villain, Devoe.


The Thinker aka Devoe
© DC Comics

After the regular series of speedster supervillains, now CW will change its tradition by introducing the nonspeedster villain, The Thinker.

Recently in last month, Neil Sandilands was cast as Clifford DeVoe who is a future villain of Barry Allen according to DC comics. During season 3, Savitar and Abra Kadabra mentioned about him to Barry. Since then fans have connects this new characters to the upcoming season. And now it’s coming true.

Like Ralph, Clifford also struck with the dark matter because of Particle accelerator. That’s how he became a metahuman. The show will feature him in a long battle with the Flash throughout the season 4. The new tagline for this season will be known as Fastest Man Alive Vs Fastest Mind Alive.

In the comics, Clifford uses his various artificial advanced devices to use against his rival. His Most important device is ‘Thinking Cap’, which projects mental force. In the Flash Season 4, this type of devices made by his right hand, The Mechanic which is our next cast list.


Kim Engelbrecht as the Mechanic in the flash season 4

To serve The Thinker and provide him newly and highly advanced devices, DeVoe appointed her as his right hand who is a highly intelligent engineer.

After the casting of DeVoe’s character, Kim Engelbrecht was selected to play the role The Mechanic.


Danny Trejo

The father of Gypsy a bounty hunter from Earth-19. Will be the recurring character to the show. Danny Trejo was cast as Breacher and will portray in the fourth season.

Like his daughter, he also seeks to prevent any inter-dimensional illegal traveler on his planet. Show doesn’t reveal much about him how will be the character but will see


Sugar Lyn Beard as Hazard in the flash season 4
© CW & DC Comics

Not in a recurring role nor as a permanent member, but will be the new face of the show. Rebecca aka Hazard will go to appease in the third episode of the Flash as a villain.

For this character, Sugar Lyn Beard has selected to play the role as a guest actress. In the show, she is shown as an unlucky person who repeatedly calling herself having a cursed life. After some kind of accident changes her life completely. Using her dark super powers, he now wants to avenge by threatening Central City and ultimately Team Flash.


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