The Flash Comic Facts You Must Know

31. Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom is the arch enemy of Wally West’ Flash. He first appeared in the Flash Secret File issue no.3 in 2001.

Wally West Flash enemy Zoom
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32. Zoom is actually slow down the time around him. He is not a speedster like other Flashes. This makes him the fastest villain alive of all the speedster.

33. Jay Garrick also have his nemesis too named ‘the Rival‘.

34. Race between Superman and Flash occurs many time in the history of the DC comic book. The first in Superman #199 where they ended in a tie. All the other times, Barry Allen either wins or ties but never lost it. Later reveal in the races he has been holding back his speed.

35. If Barry Allen runs at the speed of light for 5 minutes he could burn his 8 billion calories.

36. At one point Flash briefly wore the Green Lanterns Ring.

The Flash wears Green Lantern's ring
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37. Flash once repaired a whole city while having a conversation with his therapist without knowing him, he left the couch.

38. The Flash can produce a punch at infinite mass and energy when he runs at the speed of light.

Flash's infinite mass punch power
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39. When Barry Allen got his powers, he named himself after his favorite childhood comic book, The Flash, Jay Garrick who had the same super speed powers.

Barry Allen reads Jay Garrick's flash's comic magazine
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40. Bart Allen once channeled the speed force in the force of lighting to kick start Jay Garrick’s heart.


41. Barry Allen is the only Flash that was able to manipulate and control the entire speed force giving him an advantage.

42. The first Reverse Flash was called The Rival. His name was Dr. Edward Clarris.

43. The sound receptors The Flash wears on his ears are magnetized so that he can hear while traveling beyond the speed of sound.

44. Max Mercury has time travel more than once than any other speedsters except for the Reverse Flash. Once he time travels to the 50’s and had an affair with a woman there but when he returned to the present he had a daughter that was older than him.

45. In the Flash Rebirth, Godspeed stated that he is so much faster than Barry Allen that he can be in two places at once and Barry always wished he could do that.

The Flash: Rebirth Godspeed
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46. The Flash once outrun the gravitational pull of a black hole that even light couldn’t escape.

47. In the Flash New 52 Justice League issue #44 comics, Flash becomes one of the most powerful beings aka a new God. He becomes the God of death or also known as the Black Racer. Since many of the Gods are falling, the justice league are becoming New Gods. Batman becomes the God of Knowledge, Superman becomes the God of Strength, Shazam becomes the God of God and more to comes.

Justice League God and Monster
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48. Eobard Thawne was genetically engineered to be the perfect son. He was incredibly good looking with an IQ of 127 and perfect strawberry-blonde hair but was still a disappointment to his parents. (Coolest Fact ever about him).

49. Bart Allen can create copies of himself known as speed scouts. They can travel through time, manipulates objects and they can even merge their consciousness with Bart, informing him of their actions.

Bart Allen's multiple copies speed power
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50. Last but not the least fact about The Flash, Nightwing once escaped from a Maze before The Flash (Wally West) could.

The Flash Bonus Facts

51. In the Flash Season 1, do you remember, Trickster places one bomb on Barry’s wrist and if he stops moving or tried to remove it forcefully, it will explode. But Barry removes it by phasing through a semi-truck. This scene is inspired by DC’s Justice League: Doom (2012) in which villain Mirror Master planted a similar bomb on The Flash’s wrist and tell him the same things about the explosion. However, Barry removes it by phasing through an iceberg.

51. If the Flash TV show failed, Grant Gustin would have joined Arrow. But showrunner and CW network was very confident about their decision as Barry Allen’s two-part episode on Arrow Season 2 was well received.

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