The Flash Comic Facts You Must Know

Barry Allen as The Flash CW TV show

My name is Barry Allen and I am the Fastest Man alive.

Before reading any Flash facts, there are certain things you need to know.

Currently, CW telecasting live-action ‘The Flash‘ TV show which becomes fan favorite quickly.

Barry Allen is the second fastest superhero who has taken the mantle of the Flash. The first scarlet speedster is a Jay Garrick who is a golden age DC comic character.

However what makes him the coolest superhero is his speed. He always there whenever there is a need. As a founding member of Justice League of America, he has much battle experience which helps him to handle any kind situation.

The Flash (Barry Allen) also had his dark backstory like his mother Nora Allen and his wife Iris West gets killed, his own future version killed him, etc.

Everyone including his family or friends he loves either gets killed or he arrived late where the actual incident happened.

Like this, there are countless things to know about the flash especially about Barry Allen who suffer a lot throughout his life.

Here are Top 50 Facts about the Flash.

1. The Flash is a DC comics character which first appeared in the 1940’s ‘Flash Comics No.1′.

2. The Flash is a name of several DC speedsters. In fact, there had been 4 incarnations of the Flash, i.e., Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen.

After New 52, there was number of superheroes and villains born with speedster abilities or accidentally gets it.

The Flash Kid Flash Barry Allen Jay Garrick
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3. Jay Garrick was the first line of the scarlet speedster and very first Flash appearing in the DC comic book in the golden age comics

5. In the Golden Age comic, Jay Garrick was the founding member of the ‘Justice Society of America’.

4. Following the Golden Age time, DC’s silver age is highly remembered as the beginning of New Earth (New Earth) timeline.

The storyline begins with the introduction of the Barry Allen as the Flash.

5. To keep old superheroes fresh and alive, all DC characters moved into Earth-2 which is one of parallel Earths in the whole multiverse system.

Earth 2 Justice League of America
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6. Jay Garrick can move with the speed of light having incredibly fast reflexes.

His connection to the Speed Force causes him to accelerate his healing power and decelerate his aging.

7. One of Jay’s interesting facts that he accidentally inhales hard water vapors after taking a smoke break in his lab.

As a result, it gives him the ability to run at super speed. (Unbelievable thing!!! But Silver Age Flash’s story is more convincing).

Jay Garrick in his lab and accidently becomes the flash
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8. His fancy costume include ‘Helmet’ having wings which was inspired from Greek God ‘Hermes’ and the Roman god ‘Mercury’.

Jay Garrick's Flash Helmet
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9. Garrick’s comics ran until the issue no 104 in 1949 and after that it was cancelled because of Superheroes involvement into the World War II. Hence these comics declined in popularity causing many of the Flash’s comic book series got cancelled.

10. In 1956, DC was reloaded and decided to recreate some of superheroes for the silver age comic book. They decided to re-launch the Flash’s character (Barry Allen) who had himself been inspired by reading the comics of Jay Garrick’s Flash comics.

The Flash Season 4 Trailer

11. Second rebooted Flash in the Silver Age comic book is Barry Allen who is young and completely unrelated to Jay Garrick.

12. Barry Allen actually has a ring which contains his Flash costume so that he can wear it instantly.

Barry Allen Flash suit ring
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13. Barry Allen can run faster than the speed of sound and the speed of light. He just can do time-travel by running at high-speed.

14. During Crisis of Infinity Earth, Barry Allen ran so fast that he actually dies. But interesting thing is that he then become the part of the speed force and converted into the lightning bolts who travelled back in time and hit himself that gave him his superpowers in the first place.

Flash Sacrifies during crisis on infinite earth
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15. The Flash has the ability to vibrate and compress his own molecules to hide himself inside of the Flash Ring.

16. Barry Allen is the founding member of the Justice League America.

17. In the comics as well as in the CW’s TV series The Flash shows Barry’s mother was murdered. The killer was never found. This drove him to become the forensic scientist.

18. Barry’s long-lost twin brother is a supervillain named Cobalt blue.

19. In order to keep Golden Age version of comic book active, DC gave Barry’s Earth no 1 and Jay Garrick’s Earth No. 2

20. There is third Flash name Wally West who was the original Kid Flash and his first debut in the Flash issue 110 in the 1959.

21. Wally West originally was the slowest speedster as compared to other Flashes. Literally his speed nearly matches the speed of sound. But when he was link with the speed force, then he became the fastest of all the Flashes.

22. Wally West was given his powers while his Uncle Barry Allen was at work in his lab. Wally asked Barry about how he gets his powers. He set up the cabinet of chemicals just as it had been when he was created. Wally wished that something could happen again with him and coincidently, just then lightning did strike the cabinet chemicals which spilled all over his body ultimately giving him speedster’s powers. It’s exactly the same as Barry Allen’s origin.

wally west gets his powers accidently
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23. After Barry’s death during Crisis on Infinite Earth, Wally takes the mantle of Flash and becomes the full-time adult Superhero.

24. Bart Allen, grandson of Barry Allen who originally was a sidekick superhero named as Impulse. After that, he becomes second Kid Flash and eventually fourth Flash.

25. Bart Allen is lucky enough to have clone of himself calling himself Inertia who is a speedster too just like Bart.

26. Professor Eobard Thawne is an arch enemy of Barry Allen who also known as Reverse Flash.

27. The fastest Flash ever ran was when the whole world was put into his hand. It was a race between a powerful beings called the Cosmic Gamblers, The Flash ran fastest than he ever has before, he ran 23,759,449,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 MPH. The Flash defeated them and save the Earth. (Wow! this fact should be on the top of the list)

28. After Wally West absorbs a part of the speed force, he gains super speed. He learns to use these powers and train to defeat the future Flash. But later on, he sacrifices himself for the present-day Barry Allen as he sees future Flash about to kill him.

29. The Flash can process information so fast that he can almost predict the future. He can quickly perceive nearly every possible outcome to determine the best choices to make.

30. One of the interesting fact about him is that after being pricked by one Poison Ivy’s toxic thorns, The Flash had to run in order to keep the toxin from metabolizing into his bloodstream. He circled the planet 6 times and maintained supersonic speeds for over a day.


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