Thanos Powers Without Stones: 23 Powers & Abilities Included

Thanos powers Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel fans already have an idea of Thanos‘ powers with Infinity Gauntlet.

But do you know Mad Titan is way mighty even without Infinity Gauntlet?

In this article, you will all of Thanos powers with and without Infinity Stones.

The best part?

You will see the list from both Comics as well as Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With that, here is a list of 23 Thanos Powers You need to know:


Hulk vs Thanos without infinity gauntlet fight

Wow powerful is Thanos without the infinity gauntlet? Let’s find out below.

23Superhuman Intelligence

Remember what Thanos said to Tony during Titan Battle in Avengers: Infinity War?

Tony Stark is not the only one who cursed with Knowledge.

Thanos’ most dangerous asset is his mind as he is the smartest marvel character.

Alone his mind helps him to enhance his natural strength as well as abilities.

Thanos is just great in the field of education too.

His technology and Knowledge exceed that of Earth’s science.

22Superhuman Strength

Thanos vs Iron Man fight in Titan

It’s evident that Thanos might possess physical strength equal to Hulk.

His upper limit of strength is unknown as Thanos easily beat down Thor without Infinity Gauntlet.

In Avengers: Endgame, the Demi-God fought three Avengers singly handed.

In comics, Death increased his strength to the point that he could challenge the likes of strongest Eternals.

His superhuman strength can punch out Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, and Ronan the Accuser.

21Superhuman Speed

Hulk can run incredibly fast, even having a muscular build.

So thus Thanos.

Mad Titan is capable of running faster than the most exceptional human athlete.

20Superhuman Stamina

Thanos Titan battle

While fighting, the human body produces muscle fatigue toxic that reduces the ability of a muscle to generate force.

In Thanos’ case, his body almost produces no fatigue toxins during physical activity.

Hence, he’s got superior stamina.


During Thanos’s Titan battle against Avengers proves a remarkable degree of resistance to his physical injury.

Avengers: Endgame puts him against all strongest MCU superheroes.

Still, the villain was able to stand again and again.

Even without Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is hard to beat on a one-on-one battle.


With centuries of experience in tactical warfare, Thanos was a formidable strategist.

Like all Eternals, the comic version of Thanos is an immortal demi-god.

He is immune to all known diseases, infections as well as effects of aging.

Thanos received Immortality when Mistress Death forbade entering its realm, giving him genuinely immortal.

Even though Thanos is severely injured and wounded, he was able to recover fully.

17Regenerative Healing Factor

As we said, his Immortality allows him to recover from an injury, Thanos also possess natural Regenerative Healing ability.

Live-Action Thanos seems completely healed from Stormbreaker’s hit wich severely put his chest open.

Also, his blood loss, as well as injuries from titan battle, wholly disappeared.

However, it was not enough to recover from the permanent damage using Infinity Stones.

16Superhuman Agility

Due to Thanos’ large size and muscular build, a villain able to stand against likes of Hulk and defeat him.

His incredible reflexes and running speed allows him to restrain Avengers to reach Scott Lang’s Quantum machine vehicle.

Comic Thanos was nearly on the level of Average Eternal due to his natural physical limits.

15Superhuman Reflexes

Despite being Thanos’ biz body size, Mad Titan possess finest reflexes.

He was able to dodge few blows from Hulk effortlessly.

He was also quick to catch Loki’s sudden attack as well as Gamora’s agile strike with Godslayer.

Recent Avengers: Endgame’s final battle also shows his incredible skills to dodge enemies’ attacks multiple times.

Marvel Cinematic Universe classified him on Black Panther’s skills likes of full speed and reflexes.

There are many events from the Thanos vs. Avengers battle where Thanos’s reflexes allow him to fight single-handed.


We briefly saw how Thanos’s Telepathy in Avengers: Infinity War defend himself against Mantis’ psychic assault.

The comic version of Thanos possesses even higher Telepathy.

His brilliant mind is immune to all sorts of psychic attack.

He forcefully pushed one of the Priests of Pama insane with a gesticulation.

In Avengers Assemble Vol 2 #4, Thanos made the Hulk attack his fellow Avengers.

Also in Ultimates Vol 2 #10, villain forced Conner Sims (the Anti-Man) to destroy his surroundings.

13Curse Casting

Thanos with infinity gauntlet infinity war

Curse Casting is something Sorcerer Supreme’s ability.

In Thanos’ case, he is partially skilled in magic.

In comic, Thanos cast a curse on Deadpool to prevent him dying and meeting Mistress Death.



Thanos’ power with Infinity Gauntlet could rival some of the mightiest Marvel characters.

With Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos possesses omnipotent levels of power.

Powers of Infinity Stones allows him control over all six phases of existence.

It makes him one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Thanos can use individual stones’ powers anything he desires.

With Space and Reality Stones, Thanos can manipulate terrains of Titan planet.

With Space and Power Stones, the villain can channel outside energy, absorb it, blast explosive powers.

After reach fullest potential, Infinity Gauntlet gains the power to induce death on a universal scale. Thus able to wipe out half of Universe with a single snap.

WIth power stone, Thanos possesses the destructive force of the universe.

Due to his immense universal science, Thanos understands in-depth knowledge of stones’ powers.

In short, with Infinity Stone, Thanos was capable of following things;

  • Terrain Manipulation
  • Energy Absorption and Transformation
  • Death Inducement
  • Energy Manipulation
  • And even more

11Space Manipulation

Everyone is well aware of Space Gem’s abilities that open a space portal to travel anywhere within the universe.

Also known as Tesseract, Thanos used space stone for Portal Creation.

Meaning he can open Wormholes to travel any part of the universe.

With the precise knowledge of Space Stone, Thanos was able to send attacks from other places as he broke Titan’s moon to pieces and used them against Avengers.

10Reality Manipulation

Reality Stone grants the user to break the laws of reality, logic as well as physics.

After possession of Reality Stone, Thanos gains the ability to alter reality as desires.

When guardians sneak into Knowhere to get Reality Stone, Thanos completely changed the plot.

With his advanced knowledge over stones, Thanos was able to do below things:

  • Dimensional Negation
  • Illusion Conjuration
  • Matter Transmutation
  • Biological Manipulation

The effect was temporary and seemed real as it was one of the most potent powers of Infinity Stone.

9Soul Manipulation

8Time Manipulation

7Immense Power


6Genius-Level Intellect

5Master Tactician

4Master Manipulator

3Master Combatant

2Sword Mastery

1Mystical Knowledge

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