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wonder woman strongest dc character

Top 5 facts about Wonder Woman which you didn’t know about

Like marvel comics when we talk about DC comics, the first two heroes must pop ups in our mind i.e., Superman and Batman cause of their idolism and popularity toward comics fans. If there...
wonder woman strongest dc character

First Look At Diana From ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Revealed

Today, actress Gal Gadot shared her first official full costume look from the DC's Wonder Woman 1984 which is going to release next year. While sharing her exclusive image on social networks, Gal said, ''She's...
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How Superman, Batman & Cyborg Would Fit In Wonder Woman 1984

Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman 1984 started filming, and several principal photographies from the set show Gal Gadot in her iconic costume. In the era of 1980's, cold war prompts the battle between Diana Princess with...