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10 Venom Powers Only True Fans Know

What are Venom's powers and abilities? Are they similar to Spider-Man's powers? The answer is NO. After bonding with the human host, Symbiote enhances the user's strength to an extreme level. Hence to know even better, we created...
Venom symbiote

‘Venom’ Revealed Why Symbiote Doesn’t Have Spider Symbol On His Chest

During San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Sony unveiled new footage from the Venom telling Tom Hardy's costume will not have spider symbol on his chest. In the last trailer, we only get to see Venom donning...
Venom Symbiote first look

First Look At Tom Hardy’s Venom Symbiote

Blessed with lots of secret superpowers-Venom is going to make a brand new appearance in the Sony's upcoming Tom Hardy's Venom. As trailer briefly shows off Tom Hardy's Venom symbiotes in the first full-length trailer,...
Tom Hardy Venom

How internet reacts to Venom’s teaser trailer?

https://youtu.be/dzxFdtWmjto Tom Hardy’s most anticipated Venom’s teaser trailer released. At first, almost all the Marvel fans wanted to see alien Symbiotic in Venom figure. But looks like Sony tricked us by only introducing Eddie Broke’s...
Matthew Libatique in Sony's Venom

Sony’s Venom add Iron Man’s Cinematographer-Matthew Libatique

Earlier Venom confirmed Jenny Slate & Scott Haze’s expected character in the Movie. Both actors will be a part of the Life Foundation organization. Meanwhile Underground manage to exposed Venom’s current shooting set. According to...
Roland Treece as Scott Haze in the Venom

Venom revealed Jenny Slate & Scott Haze’s role in the movie

https://youtu.be/5qLNqUU8qBg Last year Jenny Slate joined Tom Hardy’s Venom but the Sony didn’t reveal her likely role except she's playing a scientist role in the film. But very recent news hits the internet about her as...
Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom 2018

How does Tom Hardy’s Eddie character will look like in Venom Movie?

https://youtu.be/oVbqjIuZgIk Venom’s hype increases when Sony makes the official announcement about its confirmation. Nearly 3 months ago, Sony’s Venom began its production as Tom hardy seen on the set during its filming. https://twitter.com/VenomMovie/status/922650329828663296 Today IGN shared Tom...