The flash

Barry Allen and Jesse Quick in Enter Flashtime

The Flash season 4 episode 15, & 16 spoilers/synopsis revealed

7th March 2018

The latest episode of the Flash Season 4 brings back all the speedsters family back in the single episode to save the day. In the Trial of the Flash, when Iris was about to revealed Barry’s secret identity as the Flash, he stops her by entering into Flashtime where times stops for a moment. However, […]

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Iris West in the Flash Season 4

First Look at Iris West in New Speedster Suit

23rd February 2018

The Flash Season 4 has finally given Iris West-Allen a superhero suit which is the totally unexpected thing to happen. Earlier on the set, it was seen that Iris in her new speedster suit handling some bunch of criminals which looks like she gets some kind of new powers. Take a brief look at New […]

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The Flash Season 4 episode 13 Barry Allen with bus metahumans

The Flash Season 4-Episode 13: Short Summary

11th February 2018

Very recent episode 13th of the Flash Season 4 has taken an extreme twist when Clifford DeVoe confronts bus metas. The episode starts right where Barry seized by Warden Wolfe to sell Amunet along with other bus metas. While watching the episode which is titled by ‘True Colors’, Cyndi Lauper’s fans remember the title is […]

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Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen in the Flash Season 4

Will Iris get new powers in the Flash Season 4?

27th January 2018

The Flash Season 4 reaches its climax point where Barry is in Iron Height and Team Flash doing their best to keep the city safe in the absence of Scarlett Speedster. Recent episode develops Ralph Dibny’s heroic persona and now he is ready to take responsibility to protect the city like the Flash. If this […]

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Bill Goldberg as Big Sir and Barry Allen in the Flash season 4

The Flash introduced WWE champion, Bill Goldberg

24th January 2018

Barry Allen received a life sentence in the Trial of the Flash and now he is stuck to Iron Height. The recent clip of the Flash Season 4 episode 11 titled ‘The Elongated Knight Rises’ (which is inspired by Nolan’s Dark Knight rises) briefly introduced Multi-time WCW and WWE world champion, Bill Goldberg. Other prisoners […]

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Barry Allen on the Flash Season 4 episode 10

Iris exposed Barry’s secret identity as Flash in episode 10

13th January 2018

After a long Christmas holiday, Barry will face the court first time in his life on the upcoming episode 10 of the flash season 4. Thanks to season’ big bad Clifford DeVoe, Barry Allen/The Flash was arrested for his murder. In reality, DeVoe was the one who killed his own body after transferring his consciousness […]

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Elongated Man and the Flash in S04E4

The Flash Season 4: Elongated Man’s connection to Season 1

1st November 2017

For the Flash Season 4, when Hartley Sawyer cast as Ralph Dibny AKA Elongated Man, then there was a fan theory about Ralph’s connection back to season 1 and it’s actually coming true. Until now it is yet to confirm whether or not the episode 4 will refer back to a season 1 when Ralph’s […]

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Ralph Dibny as Elongated Man

The Flash Season 4: Tom Cavanagh talks about Elongated Man’s character

31st October 2017

Most anticipated DC comic character, Elongated Man played by Hartley Sawyer is eventually going to make his very first appearance in the fourth episode titled as ‘Elongated Journey into Night’ of the Flash Season 4. The same episode was directed by fans favorites’ character, Tom Cavanagh who shared his filming experience with EW. The episode […]

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New 52 Reverser Flash

The Flash Season 4 tease New 52 Reverse-Flash theory

31st October 2017

Last Episode of the Flash Season 4 drops a major shocking news when Cecile tell Joe West about her pregnancy. So this means that a new West member is going add in the Flash family and ultimately CW’s Arrowverse. Earlier in episode 1, when Barry talks crazy after getting out of the speed force, he […]

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Arrow Batgirl Flash Supergirl on Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis on Earth-X set photo reveals first look at Dark Flash, Prometheus-X & Overgirl

18th October 2017

Recently, there have been some leaks of spoilers from the set of this year’s big crossover between four superheroes TV series, Supergirl, the Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow named as ‘Crisis on Earth-X’. The heroes will join forces in this event when villains from Earth-X crashes the Wedding Ceremony of Barry/Iris with deadly […]

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