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6 Facts About Black Flash From DC Comics

The fastest man alive on DC comics is none other than our beloved The Flash. There is no one in the multiverse who can match the speed of Flash. But there is only one...
godspeed the flash rebirth

The Flash Season 5: Godspeed Episode Revealed Its Synopsis

In the Flash Season 5, fans don't want to see cat and mouse game between team Flash and Cicada. Upcoming episode 18 will welcome Barry Allen's worst enemy, Godspeed. The title of the event...
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The Flash Season 6 Will Have New Showrunner

Co-executive producer of The Flash TV series, Eric Wallace has been announced as new showrunner for the upcoming Season 6. Current showrunner Todd Helbing will step down his role at the end of the...
eobard thawne Noral Allen the flash Season 5

The Flash Season 5: Episode 17 Synopsis Revealed

The Flash S05E17 Title is "Time Bomb" in which Nora Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) finally decided to tell the truth about Reverse Flash to her parents. Time traveler speedster has been working alongside Eobard...
Nora Allen Barry Allen as Flash

The Flash Season 5 Episode 16 Synopsis Revealed

Fans can't wait to see an end of the Flash Season 5 as Cicada still on the run and team Flash still figuring out the way to put him to an end. A new...
Barry Allen Flash Season 5 Episode 13

The Flash Season 5: Barry Becomes Criminal In New Episode 13

In next episode 13 of the Flash season 5, Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny will join the underground world in a hope to stop Cicada. A new promo reveals that along with a Goldface,...
nora allen as xs

The Flash Season 5: Episode 14 Synopsis Revealed

The Flash has its another episode synopsis for its 14th episode. The episode titled as “Cause and XS.” From the title and episode's description, it looks like it's all about Nora Allen who came...
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The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Promotional Images Released

The Flash Season 5 still managing to make its plot in the right direction. Since the last couple of episodes, we get a hint at Nora's past time travel story and Reverse Flash's inclusion...
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen the flash

The Flash Season 5: Episode 12 Synopsis Revealed

The Flash Season 5 sets to return from its midseason winter break and fans got a couple of upcoming episodes' synopsis. The 12th episode titled by "Memorabilia" has its full summary revealed. As per reports...
Barry Allen Green Arrow Elseworlds

“Elseworlds” New Teaser Shows Barry Allen As The Green Arrow

DC fans are now getting a hint of what's going to happen in the earlier episode of Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover. The first teaser of three nights Elseworlds event shows Oliver Queen finds himself in Barry's...