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My Hero Academia Season 3 anime cover

My Hero Academia Season 3: Game Start | Quick Recap

My Hero Academia made a grant entry once again same as its previous season. Season 3 starts with Deku’s narration and his past two years’ journey of how he reached this point. As the first semester...
My Hero Academia Season 3 Izuku

My Hero Academia Episode 39 spoilers revealed

After a long wait and after most lovable Dragon Ball Super has ended, My Hero Academia will return with its new season 3. The title for upcoming episode 39 is “Game Start” meaning we will...
My Hero Academia anime series

‘My Hero Academia: The Movie’ Title and Story revealed

My Hero Academia is on its way to premiere the first episode of Season 3. And recently series' official website unveiled anime movie’s potential title and likely storyline. On March 25, during stage presentation held...
My Hero Academia anime movie

When My Hero Academia movie will premiere?

Anime of My Hero Academia had its two impressive seasons where young heroes are about to enter School Trip Arc based on a manga series of the same name. Its anime movie is set...
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My Hero Academia Season 3 Official Trailer Breakdown

After frequently releasing third season of My Hero Academia’s various key visuals, recently the anime unveiled its second official trailer. You can check the trailer below: https://youtu.be/JezE6iZUWxo Despite the last trailer which shows off younger heroes from...
My Hero Academia all young heroes from Class 1-A

First Look at Villains from My Hero Academia Season 3

Recently over a social media Yonko Production unveiled My Hero Academia's next villains' list in the new upcoming season 3. The villains' names are Muscular, Moonfish, and Mustard. As the anime's premiere date is a...
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When My Hero Academia Season 3 will release?

My Hero Academia or originally known as Boku no Hero Academia will soon begin airing its third season from April 2018. The news being is unveiled by manga artist Betten Court who posted the below...