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doctor doom smartest marvel character

33 Smartest Marvel Characters, Ranked!

Do you know who are the Smartest Marvel Characters? In the Marvel universe, what do you think why Tony, Richard, Hulk praised to be worlds greatest superheroes? The answer is simple. Because they are smartest marvel characters. If...
all characters who can lift thor's hammer

25 Characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer

Who can lift Thor's hammer both in comics & movies? This article presents characters from both comics and MCU who worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer. Unlike MCU, characters even from DC universe had wielded Mjolnir. With...
Hulk one of Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked

5 strongest Marvel characters that will stunned you

Following are the top 5 marvel universe characters that are strongest superhero or Gods There are many strong guys roaming around the marvel universe. Few of them are listed below... The one above all One-Above-All is the...
scott lang as ant man weak marvel characters

10 Weak Marvel Characters, Ranked!

Do you know all the Weak Marvel Characters from superheroes to villains? We already listed Most Powerful Marvel Characters. Now, this article covers all the Weak Marvel Characters from comics to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Find...
professor x as as charles xavier

10 Marvel Characters With Psychic Powers, Ranked!

Marvel has not only the smartest characters but also characters With Psychic Powers. Most of them are from the Mutants family. Psychic Powers means the ability...
best and Most Powerful Female Marvel Characters

50 Most Powerful Female Marvel Characters Ever Known

Do you know all the Powerful Female Marvel Characters who could overpower most of the Superhero? Next phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to fill with more female superheroes. Hence fans want to know best...
Evan Peters as Quicksilver

Fastest Marvel Characters, Ranked!

Wants to know all the present Fastest Marvel Characters? Do you know who is Marvel's Flash? Decade's debates put fans in question who is the fastest speedster in DC and Marvel? In this article, you will see the fastest...
t'challa black panther black marvel superheroes

10 Black Marvel Superheroes You Need to Know

Do you know all the Black Marvel Superheroes from comics to MCU? Upon considering the debate over Black characters since their debut, Hero's Fact decided to point out top Black Marvel Superheroes among...
Helen Parr The Incredibles 2

15 Best Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes

Nowadays, Non-Marvel or DC Superheroes influences people from all over the world. The existing SUPERHERO universes besides DC and Marvel have a list of such brave heroes as well as heroines. Want to know all of...
Hulk one of Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked

Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked!

Do you know all the most powerful Marvel characters Ranked? Ability to do something extraordinary is something fans always wanted to imagine. There are hundreds of most powerful Marvel characters out there ranking from weakest to...