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Dragon Ball Super is fifth greatest Akira Toriyama’s franchise series where stories expand beyond the universe. Series protagonist Son Goku finally mastered Godly ability, Ultra Instinct which is the stronger Saiyan form even. To increase its hype, even more, upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime movie will introduce Goku’s infamous arch-enemy Broly. Find out more information and news about DBS here.

Strongest Dragon Ball Super characters Goku

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters 2021

Fans have witnessed many strongest and most powerful Dragon Ball Super characters. The list includes Broly, Black Goku, Jiren, etc
All gods of destruction

Strongest God of Destruction From Dragon Ball Super

Who is the strongest God of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super series? Ever gave a thought? Ever since Dragon Ball Super show off their powerful characters like Beerus, all gods of destruction started to appeared one...
Super Saiyan God facts

Dragon Ball Super: 50 Facts About Super Saiyan God

After a long period of time, Goku finally used the Super Saiyan God transformation during Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Some of you may surprise that how Goku achieves this form suddenly...
Kale's and broly's transformation

Dragon Ball Super: Kale’s Saiyan form is more than Broly’s form

Dragon Ball Super now reach to the level where only strongest warrior remaining in the Tournament of Power after the Zeno-oh wipes out the existence of Universe 10.  In the previous article, we talked...
Villain Moro in Dragon Ball Super Manga 51

Dragon Ball Super Manga 51 Revealed Moro’s New Look

Vegeta about reveals his biggest secret in the next Dragon Ball Super Manga 51. The new chapter revealed Moro's new look as shown below. Spoiler Alert for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 50 Last Chapter 50 shows that...
dragon ball super goku vegeta

New Dragon Ball Super Anime Is Coming!

Recently Funimation and TOEI Animation trick us by sharing small details of the upcoming Dragon Ball project. Both companies teased at the same time meaning there should be an announcement for Dragon Ball Super...
Super Saiyan Blue Goku Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Crosses $18 Million At The Japanese Box Office

Latest Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime films continue to rampage on Japanese theaters crossing more than $18 Million at Box Office in only 11 days. As reported by Forbes, Dragon Ball Super: Broly made more...
Broly in Dragon Ball Super movie

Dragon Ball Super Broly Full Movie Reactions

Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie released in Japanese theaters as well as had a Big U.S. Premiere. Yesterday in Japan, the world premiere of Dragon Ball Super Broly held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo....

Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Dub Cast Announced

Funimation announced the voice actors for Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Dub. There are few newcomers as well for debuting new anime characters like Gine.
Gogeta Dragon Ball Super Broly trailer

First Look At Gogeta From Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly revealed very first look at Gogeta. Gogeta is one of the strongest characters of the franchise. It's a fusion between Goku and Vegeta