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Helen Parr The Incredibles 2

15 Best Non-Marvel OR DC Superheroes

Nowadays, Non-Marvel or DC Superheroes influences people from all over the world. The existing SUPERHERO universes besides DC and Marvel have a list of such brave heroes as well as heroines. Want to know all of...
all characters who can lift thor's hammer

25 Characters Who Can Lift Thor’s Hammer

Who can lift Thor's hammer both in comics as well as movies? This article presents characters from both comics and MCU who worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer. Unlike MCU, characters even from DC universe had...
Marvel and DC movies' superheroes

Reason why DC movies fails and Marvel doesn’t

Ever since Marvel had expanded their cinematic universe, the industry becomes more and more successful. Unlike DC movies, MCU development each and every character thoroughly along with an interesting storyline.But in case of DC...
upcoming dc movies list

New Upcoming DC Movies list from 2017 to 2020 Smackdown!

DC universe seems to be falling apart because of failure of Justice League in the Box Office. But that does not mean Warner Bros will just stop making unique and amazing movies like they...
Joe Manganiello as DC villain as Deathstroke

How Joe Manganiello’s Live Action Deathstroke will look like

It has been known at this point to all DC comics fans that Joe Manganiello will be seen as DCEU’s new villain Deathstroke. Thanks to Justice League’s final post-credit scene, we witness how he...
Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson as Deathstroke

Justice League Post Credit scene teases [Spoiler]’s Entry in DCEU

This year we have been blessed with some of the greatest superheroes movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League is one of them. In all of that movie, Justice League’s...
superman facts

10 Physically Strongest DC Characters, Ranked In 2019

Contrast to Marvel, every character in DC Universe has a very dark origin. Like Marvel Universe, DC Comics has adapted number of Superheroes and Supervillains and some of them have come much before the...
Jason Momoa as Aquaman most powerful dc character

Most powerful DC characters who could beat any Superheros

When it comes to mind that who has the power to defeat all the fictional character, then there is name came into our mind like Dormammu, Darkseid, etc. but they are a god-like entity....

5 Newly introduce superheroes in the DC comics

The rule of evolution applies everywhere including in the comic books. Over the decades, there are some characters who were dead for around a 10-20 years bringing back into the life by its creators....

Top 6 facts about Black Flash which you didn’t know about it

The fastest man alive on DC comics is none other than our beloved The Flash. There is no one in the multiverse who can match the speed of Flash. But there is only one...