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Black Widow Fact You Never know About

Natasha Romanova, aka Black Widow, is Marvel's stunning but formidable figure. The fact that she is from the same period as Steve Rogers's. Did you know about it? If not, you can read below article that explored...
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Marvel Has Shortlisted Female Directors For ‘Black Widow’

Marvel's upcoming Black Widow movie is moving forward as there have been three shortlisted female directors' names surfaced. According to Deadline, Cate Shortland is the most suitable female director for the Scarlett Johansson's standalone Black...
Scarlett Johanson as Black Widow in Avengers: Infinity War

This is how ‘Marvel’s Black Widow’ movie poster should be

https://youtu.be/NmJMeSECMzQ Marvel’s Black Widow is roughly in the development stage. Recently as per the report from Variety, Jac Schaeffer has been hired for the movie as a screenwriter. One of the most talented artist Bosslogic has...