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Avengers: Infinity War will be Marvel’s biggest film ever which will unite all the MCU superheroes to battle their most powerful foe ever-Thanos. The Mad Titan himself on a mission to collects the six infinity stone.

Thanos plans to use the artifacts to force his twisted will on reality. The destiny of the planet and survival itself has never been more unpredictable as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Revealed Blu-Ray Special Edition Details

Recently, MCU Cosmic prove that Avengers: Infinity War's special home edition will not include Thanos' 30 minutes backstory because it never filmed. While interviewing Jim Starlin, Collider’s Jon Schnepp reports that Infinity War will get...
Avengers Infinity War Thanos

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ May Include Thanos’ Deleted Scene For The Blu-Ray Release

(Updated: According to MCU Cosmic, movie will not include 30 minutes backstory)  Avengers: Infinity War correctly showed Thanos' backstory in the film which seems to be convinced. According to some otaku fans, it was a...
Bruce Banner as Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War

Why Bruce Banner Did Not Turn Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War

For Marvel fans, Hulk's rampage performance could be one of the most awaited scenes from the Avengers: Infinity War. But guess what. Bruce Banner's Hulk was not in the Infinity War. But why??? There must be...
Dragon Ball Super new poster Avengers Infinity War

Dragon Ball Super New Art Resembles Avengers: Infinity War’s Poster

Dragon Ball Super’s new art poster looks very amazing because it has taken a direct inspiration from Avengers: Infinity War. Avengers’ new poster came online when its second trailer released. It centered Tony Stark circled...
Rana Daggubati as Thanos in Telugu Avengers: Infinity War

Rana Daggubati As Thanos In Telugu version of Avengers: Infinity War

2017’s greatest villain of all time, Rana Daggubati has lent his villainy voice for fan-favorite Marvel’s enemy Thanos in the Telugu version of Avengers: Infinity War. https://youtu.be/seMZ6p2SF6U Rana has last seen in Indian’s biggest two-part Baahubali...
James Gunn praised Avengers Infinity War as Incredible

Avengers: Infinity War praised by Guardians of the Galaxy’s director

MCU’s one of the talented director James Gunn recently saw a full cut of Avengers: Infinity War and he seemed to really enjoy it. As MCU News and Tweets said, https://twitter.com/MCU_Tweets/status/976626169956257792 James Gunn has a history of...

Avengers: Infinity War New Trailer Breakdown & Review

Avengers: Infinity War unveiled its trailer 2 which explores Thanos’s mission even deeper. The whole full-length trailer focused on how MCU heroes will assemble to go against their greatest foe yet. Check out the new...
Thanos with infinity gauntlet

Avengers: Infinity War- Why Thanos wants all six infinity stones

Marvel Cinematic Universe made a comic version of Infinity War storyline more climaxing and worth watching. In the Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos will invade the earth to collect all the infinity stone. But why? According...
Peter Parker's new Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War

First look at Iron Spider Suit from Avengers: Infinity War

Since Tom Holland made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans demanding to see Iron Spider suit as his relationship with Tony Stark. The mid post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming did show off...
Wakanda War in Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War adds main characters information

Avengers: Infinity War is a controversial subject for the Marvel fans and to avoid its any type of major spoilers, Marvel Studio decided to release the movie a week earlier than the previous worldwide...