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oliver queen facts

Green Arrow: 12 Comics Based Facts About Oliver Queen

The CW’s second iconic series after the Flash, Arrow stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. This DC comics based character originally created in 1941. Since then he becomes favourite and breaks the record of the longest...
stephen amell ending arrow season 8

Arrow Season 8 Will Be Final For Stephen Amell

One of popular Arrowverse actor Stephen Amell has been playing vigilante character 'Arrow' for the last seven years. Now star confirms that season 8 will be his last one where it will have one...
Emiko_Queen arrow season 7

Arrow Season 7: ‘Shattered Lives’ Episode Release New Photos

The last episode of Arrow Season 7 titled by 'Unmasked' exposed new Green Arrow's shocking reveal. The person behinds green masked is no other than Oliver Queen's half-sister Emiko Queen. The character has portrayed by...
Elseworlds crossover first teaser video

Elseworlds: Oliver Become Barry Allen In The New Teaser Trailer

Oliver Queen trapped in an absurd situation where he wakes up as Barry Allen in the new teaser trailer of Elseworlds Arrowverse crossover. The CW officially reveals the 20 seconds run footage where we can...
Elseworlds the Flash Arrow look

First Look at The Flash & Arrow From Elseworlds

As we already know this year's Arrowverse crossover is titled "Elseworlds." Recently Arrow star Stephen Amell revealed his switching role with Flash actor Star Grant Gustin and vise versa. In this crossover Elseworlds, we are...

‘Arrow’ Season 7 New Comic-Con Trailer Shows New Enemy

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 revealed CW's next superhero TV series-Arrow Season 7 premiere episode trailer. Released footage unveiled Stephen Amell's bold new look which looks surprisingly amazing. You can see Arrow Season 7 new trailer...
Oliver Queen in Arrow series

Arrow Season 7: Stephen Amell Teases Plot Detail About Premiere Episode

Green Arrow actor Stephen Amell share a tweet which unveils what is going to happen in the first premiere episode of Arrow Season 7. Check out Stephen’s latest tweet: https://twitter.com/StephenAmell/status/1018239896547295233 From this tweet news, it confirmed that...
Oliver Queen as Arrow Season 7

Arrow Season 7.02 Title Revealed New Enemy

Season 6 of Arrow finally put Vigilante behind the cage bar. But that doesn’t stop Oliver Queen to escape from the prison. He will get out from the jail and will return to the...
CW the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl premiere dates

CW Revealed Superheroes Next Seasons’ Premiere Dates

In 2018, the CW Network has changed some of the iconic superheroes TV series' premiere dates. Huge changes are taken place for Arrow Season 7, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning except for the...
Oliver Queen as Comic Based Goatee in Arrow Season 7

New Look At Oliver Queen As Goatee From Arrow Season 7

Green Arrow fans expected to see Oliver Queen in goatee appearanse in the CW Arrow series. But live-action TV series create their own version of Oliver Queen instead. Comic Based Green Arrow was much more...