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What makes Superman a hero is not that he has super powers, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. Superman is the most Iconic and remains as an Ideal Superhero in the history of the DC comic book. In fact, he’s Justice, Truth and Morality make him the worthy superhero.

Superman is the founding member of the Justice League of America who was an alien from another planet Krypton. In this article, Hero’s Facts has dug up the information about Man of Steel and gathered all the important and rare Facts about him.

Here are Top 50 DC comics’ facts about Superman which you need to know about

1. Superman Aka Man of Steel was created by artist Joe Shuster and writer Jerry Siegel in 1933. In 1938, they sold this fictional character to Detective Comics (DC comics) for $130.

2. Superman’s other persona Clark Kent was inspired by comedian-actor Harold Lloyd.

3. In the original Shuster’s and Siegel’s stories, Superman’s personality and behavior were different. He was rough and aggressive. The man of steel at that time often attacks and terrorizes profiteers, lynch mobs and local gangsters.

4. The letter ‘S’ on Superman’s chest is the symbol of house El in Krypton planet which means ‘Hope’ and reverse of this symbols indicates ‘Resurrection’.

5. The original concept of Superman was supposed to be the Bald character who had telepathic villain bent on world domination.

6. According to the original artist, Clark Kent was inspired by Hercules and Flash Gordon and his tight-fitting costumes were inspired by costumes of wrestlers, boxer, and strongman.

7. When Martha and Thomas Wayne were traveling across the city, they witnessed a shiny light falling from the sky. After discovering some strange alien crystal and when he comes into contact with it, his consciousness was transported to the Krypton planet where he met Kryptonian scientist Jor-El. He told Thomas about his son who was sent to the safe planet before the destruction of his homeworld Krypton.

Thomas Wayne later reverses engineered the technology that he found from the rocket and use it to save Wayne Enterprises from bankruptcy.

8. Post-crisis Superman was so strong that he could move whole solar systems with his bare hands.

9. Clark Kent compresses his spine while in disguise so that he will look shorter than Superman.

10. There are over 20 different types of Kryptonite including Pink Kryptonite which gives Superman gay tendencies.

11. In the future, the hero takes the identity of Superman Prime. After watching his parents, friends and even Lois Lane die from natural causes. He decided to leave Earth to soak in the sun for 15,000 years.

12. Superman and Clark Kent have different birthdays. He celebrates both the day his pod landed on Earth (June 10) as Superman and the day the Kent’s adopted him (June 18th) as Clart Kent.

13. When Superman first debuted, his only powers were being ‘Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”

14. Over the years as his character gets popularity, his iconic powers started taking shape. His X-Ray vision powers were introduced in Action Comics vol.1 issue #11 in 1993.

Also, his heat vision introduced in Superman Vol. 1 #59 in 1949. His flight power was created for the 1940’s animated series as it was difficult to animate him bending his legs to jump.

15. The aura of Superman’s body that he generated protects his body & his costume from the various damages and prevents grime and dirt from clinging long to his flesh to keep him perpetually clean.

16. Superman has shown to have a powerful spirit which is free from corruption and temptation.

17. If I talk about his strength limit, assume that Superman could carry a book of infinite pages. Meaning that he actually has no limit to his strength.

18. Despite the fact that Superman can fly millions of faster than the speed of light, but still isn’t faster than the Flash.

19. Once Muhammad Ali Defeated Superman in a Boxing Match. It was featured in the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali’s 72 pages comic book.

20. Once Superman and Big Barda were captured and mind control by Sleez who force them to perform an adult tape but later they were rescued by Mr. Miracle.

21. In the DC comics multiverse concept, there is Earth-23 which solely inhabited by black versions of DC characters. Black Superman is based on Barak Obama and Wonder Woman is based on Beyoncé.

22. In the Injustice, The Joker once made Superman hallucinate into thinking that Lois Lane was Doomsday. Hence he ended up killing his wife Lois Lane and his unborn son.

23. Superman’s original arch enemy is not Lex Luthor but telepathic primate Ultra-Humanite.

24. Superman once broke through Space and time to punch death in the face. Because when he died, he didn’t like it much; so he came back to life.

25. One of the coolest fact about Man of Steel is that he can’t be erased. (Yes Reverse Flash, damn you cannot do this one thing). Superman can’t be erased from the history. Even if the timeline gets alter (by Flash), he somehow presents in that new timeline.

This means that he basically exist outside of space and time.

26. Henry Cavill is the first American to play Superman role in the Man of Steel and later you know.

27. The one of the surprising fact about Clark Kent is that he is also a character in the Marvel Universe but in that universe, he is just a normal human being working as a news reporter. That’s it. Nothing more…

28. A world created by Superman, Earth-Q to see if the world without a Superman, nor any superheroes, could work. It is revealed at the end of the issue that Earth Q is a real world Earth.

The world is created via “a Nano-optical transfusion of solar energy”. This happens in the All-Star Superman #10 DC comic book.

29. Superman once wielded Thor hammer, after being deemed worthy of the honor in a crossover event between the Justice League of America and the Avengers issue #4.

Also, he wielded Captain America’s Shield. But in the ordinary circumstances, Supes would be unable to lift the hammer. Because of Odin’s enchantment, he certainly becomes honorable enough to wield Mjolnir for the battle against the omnipotent- Krona.

30. One of the rare fact or secret power of Supes is that he used to be able to project mini version of himself that had all his powers.

Eventually, though, he got jealous of it and tried to kill it, but at the end it sacrifices itself to save him, restoring Man of Steel’s normal powers in the process.

31. Also, he has some strange ability but useful because he is a reporter. All you know that he can read minds of other. But if you don’t know, he can sense the real identity of whoever is calling him on the phone.

So Supes is all in one even without advanced technologically tracking devices.

32. Superman and Shazam once had an arm-wrestling content. However, Shazam manages to match the strength of Superman when he wasn’t holding back at all.

Cause Eclipso possessed Superman at that time and didn’t know how to use Man of Steel’s power to its full extent. This proves that no one could stand against Superman.

33. Superman can hear every heartbeat on the planet. He can even tell which one is Bruce Wayne’s. He has done it in Pre New 52 comic canon. You can refer below scan copy of the comic book.

34. Superman once punched Wonder Woman all the way from the Sun back to Earth. This fight with Supes happens in the Wonder Woman Vol. 2 issue #219 and #226.

Because Max Lord tricked him into thinking Wonder Woman is Doomsday. Hence, Disillusioned Superman attacks with her without holding back with everything he has.

35. As I said Superman’s original ability didn’t include flight power. Initially, when he leaping the tall buildings in a single bound, Namor was actually the first comic-book character with the ability to fly.

36. Before Superman was deemed to God like and his amount of powers were decreased in the Silver Age comics, he was able to fly faster than the speed of light, claps his hands to create earthquakes.

This is not enough, he can withstand the heat at the core of the Sun.

37. Abra Kadabra once turned Superman into a puppet.

38. In the fake project of Batman and Superman, Bruce’s parents were murdered by a mob. But while in an ambulance, it was discovered that she was still alive. After signed over guardianship of Bruce to the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth, Martha went into the new village Smallville.

There she met with Jonathan Kent and after that, you can connect the Superman’s origin story.

39. Superman owns an animal Sidekick who is a Kryptonian dog named Krypto, the Superdog.

Kryto the superdog and Superman

40. In the Superman: King of the World, Batman with prep and Kryptonite failed to stop an evil Superman (Dominus) from being able to crush his throat. Dominus even had an army of robot Superman.

But the only intervention of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter was the evil Supes stopped from ending Batman.

41. The main reason behind Lex Luthor’s hatred towards Superman is that he made Lex Bald.

42. Man of Steel has a various version in the whole multiverse which includes Centaur Superman, Amish Superman, Communist Superman, Tarzan Superman, Black Superman from Earth-23, a Nazi Superman named Overman and Batman/Superman; where Batman’s parents were alive and also adopted Superman after the original Bruce Wayne dies.

43. Over the years in the various DC comic books, Superman has knocked up with various women including Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Supergirl(Matrix), Lasil, Krysalla, Larissa Lenox, and Mookie.

44. Pre-Crisis Superman was fast enough to escape the gravitational pull of a black hole by moving faster than the speed of light.

45. One of the unknown fact about his beard. How he always manages to keep his clean save??? Ever think about this???

His Kryptonian hair couldn’t be cut with a normal razor. So how does he do then?

He stands in front of his bathroom mirror and bounces his heat vision of the mirror onto his face to shave perfectly.

46. In the high school, Clark Kent had love feeling for his best friend Lana Lang and in college life, he seriously dated a girl named Lori Lemaris who later turned out to be a mermaid from the Atlantis.

47. Probably this fact is well-known for you. Bruce Wayne owns the building that Lois Lane and Clart Kent live in and gave them their apartment as a wedding gift.

If you don’t know, Wayne Enterprises bought the Daily Planet Newspaper where Clark and Lois both works.

48. If I talk about his travel speed, he can travel hundreds of thousands of millions of times faster than the speed of light.

Once Superman travels from Vega Star to Earth in a matter of minutes. However, Vega is 25.3 light years away from the Earth.

49. Superman once used a machine that replicated the weight of the entire Earth. Using a little yellow sun to give him energy, he lifted the machine for 5 days straight. Meaning that he’s operating on stored energy alone.

He didn’t even reach his full strength’ limit. He could press a larger weight. It’s the machine that reached its own limit. At the end of the end, Superman only sheds only a single drop of sweat.

Till this point, you should be able to visualize Man of Steel’s ideal strengths and his super ability.

50. Last but not least, Pre-Crisis Superman had such tremendous super powers that even his sneeze could destroy a whole solar system.

superman's powerful sneeze

So in conclusion, no one can match his godly strength. One question is definitely arise in your mind that Batman has defeated and beat him several times in the history of DC comic book. But in fact according to the Bruce Wayne,

Now you would believe in Superman because this is one of the greatest Superhero, Batman’s statement.

What do you think??? Is Superman really overrate or Is he the golden crown of DC comics.
Share your views in the comment section and let us know more facts about him.


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