Top 10 Superhero Characters Who Lifted Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir Ranked!

Thor lifting Mjolnir hammer

Marvel’s one of the iconic weapon, Mjolnir the hammer belongs to the one and only God of Thunder, Thor. This hammer is famously known for only letting those who are worthy to wield it.

But fans keep asking who can lift Thor’s hammer easily expect Thor.

Generally, we only know that Vision is worthy enough to lift it after Thor in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But did you known in the Marvel comics, there have actually been several other characters that have been able to wield the Mjolnir.

And we are here to list down those lucky superheroes or rather than just Marvel/DC characters who can lift Thor’s hammer much easily.

Here are, Top 10 Characters who can lift Thor’s hammer


Wonder Woman lifted Thor's Mjolnir the hammer
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No matter who you like, whether it’s DC comics or Marvel Comics. Comic book fans everywhere can agree that team-ups are awesome like the Avengers and Justice League. They are almost as epic as heroes battling each other. So if you are a fan of both Marvel and DC which let’s face it most of the time you are asking yourself who is a stronger superhero, whose superheroes would evenly match.

So if we talk about Wonder Woman, she actually lifted it in the crossover took place back in 1996’s ‘DC vs. Marvel‘ in which the event had superheroes from DC universe pitted against heroes of the Marvel Universe.

To make things even better, fans got the vote who would win. In that battle Wonder woman matched up with Storm likewise, Captain Marvel is evenly matched up with Thor. When Captain Marvel was forced to change back to his normal form, Thor used Mjolnir to hinder the lightning bolt that caused the huge impact which knocked Billy and sends Thor’s hammer flying out. And then Wonder Woman stumbled upon it.

She was able to pick it up quite easily as she knew how to handle such godly things and got a serious jolt of powers that gave her some serious edge over her opponent Storm. But she puts it down because it wouldn’t be a fair fight for her. As this looks like she is pretty worthy in the DC universe. (No doubt because she is a daughter of God)


The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 #390 Thor and Captain America
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Anyone can tell who would be the worthy superhero to wield the Mjolnir from the Avengers. It’s Steve Rogers! One of the patriotic superheroes of the Marvel universe, Captain America had wielded the hammer not once but on three separate occasions.

The comic version of Captain America was not only able to lift Mjolnir but also throw it back towards Thor’s grasp in ‘The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 #390′ back in 1988. At that time in 1988, Steve Rogers abandon his name of Captain America by calling himself as Captain only.

When Thor and Captain meet at Avengers mansion, they were attacked by Grog and his demon of deaths. During this battle, Thor lost his hammer and Captain lifts it and send it back to Thor’s grasp. After that, it’s the only matter of time when Thor easily defeated his enemies sending them back through the gate.

According to Thor, only a man or god worthy who has a pure of heart and noble of mind could have done so.

Avengers Assemble Captain Lifted hammer
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And the second time was in the comic book issue ‘Fear Itself’ in which Serpent had shuttered Steve’s unbreakable shield and when almighty Thor fighting with his uncle, he lost his grip on his hammer Mjolnir and then it crashed on Earth but Captain lifted it up and assembled the Avengers once more.

Hydra Cap lifted Hammer
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And recently the third time in the Secret Empire #10, in the final battle between Hydra cap and his opponent, Hydra Cap goes for Mjolnir which is laying on the ground. But later it turns out, he was able to lift it because of Hydra mother, Elise who held a shard of the cosmic cube and manipulated reality to change the inscription on the hammer thus allowing Captain to lift it.


Hulk with thor's hammer
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Thor’s hammer most basic function is to destroy anything in its ways by smashing or pound something in a place. In the Marvel Universe, we blessed one superhero who loves smashing things while fighting, the Hulk.

No matter who you are and how much you possess power, if you are not worthy then you might not want to think about lifting Mjolnir. In Avengers while conflict between Thor and Hulk, Hulk unable to lift such a small Mjolnir.

In most of the occasion, Marvel’s various TV series shown us a battle between Thor and Hulk. Actually, in the comic ‘Journey Into Mystery #112’ by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Chic Stone, Thor asked his father Odin to remove the enchantment on Mjolnir for several minutes so that Thor could find out who really was stronger. So while the hammer’s enchantment is gone, Hulk was able to lift it.

Another time he lifts it in the ‘Avengers Assemble #4′ when Thanos took the control of Hulk’s mind. After that Hulk was able to both deflect Mjolnir and whack Thor in the face with it.


Superman lifts Thor's mjolnir
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Faster than anything like speeding bullet as well as faster than light. He is a beacon hope, he is a god, he is a man of steel. Perhaps the most famous superhero of all time has to be one and one superman.

Also known by Clark Kent, Superman is not only powerful but also worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. When DC and Marvel did plan to crossover with each other back in 1979 but unfortunately it got canceled and in 2003 the ‘JLA/Avengers‘ crossover was finally released and we definitely not disappointed.

In the comic book series, Superman got his hand on the Caps legendary shield as well as Thor’s hammer. He actually uses it to defeat his enemy, Krona and he later returns the Mjolnir back to Thor in the series. But how and why could he be worthy to lift it???

Later it turns out the magic doesn’t depend on the worthiness only. Thor told Odin to remove the enchantment for some amount of time. But when Sups returned it, he no longer able to lift it again. So it seems that magic could only work on the worthiness peoples. And without it, anyone can lift it that easily.


Loki lift Mjolnir
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Half-brother of Thor, Loki always thirst for the authority of Asgards and powers. And hence eventually he had accomplished his goal to hold the powers of Thor. He tried everything to get his dirty hands on the hammer. However, in the comic book ‘Avengers & X-Men‘, Loki picked up the hammer and began fighting with Thor because of Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom’s Inversion spell.

Sarcastic thing is that he became the hero as the Avengers and Thor become the villain. Hence he becomes worthy enough to lift the Mjolnir. But when Inversion spell wears off, Loki loses all his powers and his worthiness to lift the hammer.

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